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I have been dabbling in cookies for a few years, but previously only made gingerbread. This year I have started making sugar cookies as well and will be taking a platter of 3 dozen-ish to a baby shower this weekend. Since there are several cookies which are fairly similar, I was thinking of putting them in more than one layer, but am wondering if butter will leach from the top layer to the RI on the bottom layer, if they are directly touching. I was not going to bag them individually, but was wondering if I should put something between the cookies, such as perhaps flattened muffin cups. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated...





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I learned from MaryAnn (Cookie Artisan) to put a layer of plastic wrap on your tray, then stand the cookies up a little (prop with more wrap behind.)  You can get a lot more cookies on, and arrange little vignettes on your tray, rather than just having flat layers. The layer of wrap keeps things from sliding around.  Then use the bag, or more wrap, to close it all up.
Here's one of her trays:

I do trays all the time. Find a nice platter with an edge (I use plastic ones that my customers can throw away) and lean them on the back edge and arrange them. Some of the things I try to do is to separate colors and styles to make the platter look uniform. I also make sure I cover up the whole tray so it looks full. I use doilies under them to keep the cookies from slipping and then it makes the half empty tray look nicer as they're eaten. Let me know if this helps!


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Natalie, The best thing you can do is experiment with stacking two completed cookies earlier in the day and seeing what happens before you arrange the whole tray.  I have had big trouble with buttery bottoms leaving shiny spots on the icing of the cookies below and ruining them.  Even if I allowed the cookies to sit on paper towels or deli wrap, I could see the butter marks.  My final solution was to keep cutting back on the amount of butter until the problem disappeared!  Now I can make the cookie trays with cookies layered flat to form a big turkey, flower or wreath. Try cutting the butter in the recipe back a half stick and see what happens.  Nobody has complained about the cookie flavor being lacking.  Good Luck!

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