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A while back I remember seeing a tutorial for a rectangle cookie with a blank pumpkin piped next to 3 squares of icing painted with concentrated food coloring that kids can "paint". I've volunteered to donate cookies to a Halloween party and immediately thought of these. Of course I can't find them :-) Does anyone remember these? I'm almost certain I didn't just imagine them :-)

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Thank you Loris!!

That's exactly what I was looking for :-) 

Does anyone think just watering down gel and painting it on the swatches would work? I don't have an airbrush. Or airbrush colors :-/ bummer!

Yes, I think it would work. I would just experiment with different amounts of water mixed into your gel colors. I think you need a pretty concentrated amount of pigment, so I wouldn't add too much water. Marlyn mentions in her video that you can't always tell what color each swatch is because the concentrated color looks different than when diluted with water. 

Thanks Jeanna- Yeah- I have painted with gels using alcohol before. I am concerned about the kids painting them later on though- Whether it would be better to paint the swatches with alcohol or just water. Montreal Confections shows the demo of her painting a cookie as well and her RI seems to remain stabilized. I think I'll check her recipe and see if it differs from what I use. I think Arty Mcgoo says she puts a lil Corn Syrup in hers to keep it water safe when she paints. We'll see gonna sit down tomorrow and hammer these bad boys out. Gotta make 7 dozen. What was I thinking?!? LOL

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