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Hi, all! I just noticed a "new" Craftsy course with @Stephanie Kappel that comes just in time for Christmas, as it's all about gingerbread houses! One of my favorite holiday things!


Knowing the quality of Stephanie's work, I am sure it is bound to be a great course, so please check it out here. Please also remember that, if you purchase it via a link on this site (either the pink one above or in one of the righthand photo sidebars on our home page, or "Clips" or "Blog" pages), Stephanie wins as does Cookie Connection. We receive a small referral fee for every Craftsy course that gets booked via this site.

Thanks for considering, and have a great (and very ginger-y) holiday season. 


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  • Stephanie's Crafsty Course Banner: Photo Courtesy of Craftsy
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