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Hi, everyone! I wanted to let you all know about a brand new online sugar arts awards program. It's called the American Cake Awards, and it's an offshoot of Cake Masters Magazine Awards that take place in Birmingham, England each November. Cake Masters recently decided to extend their awards and events expertise into other markets with a first offshoot program that took place in India last year. They are now venturing into North America with an awards program that will culminate with a gala at the DoubleTree Miami Airport Hotel on April 25, 2020! Woo hoo!

I am fortunate to have been asked to judge this new program, along with some of my own cake and cookie idols. I couldn't be more thrilled to be in the fine company of the following judges . . .


BUT . . . that's not why I'm writing! I'm writing to say that NOMINATIONS ARE NOW OPEN for cake, COOKIE, sugar flower, industry icon, and many more categories. The Awards Program is operating on an accelerated schedule this year to make the April show time, so don't delay! Nominations close on February 27!

Read all about the process here, and then take a moment to nominate your favorite North American cookiers and sugar artists (also here)! You can even nominate yourself provided you live in North America (i.e., the United States, Canada, Mexico, or the islands)! 

Best of luck to all who enter!



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  • American Cake Awards Judges: Graphic Courtesy of American Cake Awards
  • Nominations Banner: Graphic Courtesy of American Cake Awards
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