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I am going to be selling old fashioned-style cookies (chocolate chip, oatmeal, pb, etc.) at fairs and was wondering if it's better to sell one large cookie or bagged half and full dozen. Anyone have experience with which are more popular? There aren't  too many fairs or markets around here and most are very pricey for a table. I guess I can offer both and see how it goes. Thanks!

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Hi, again! It's me for real now (above was an automated response). What a great first question! At the fairs and farmers' markets that I attend (most often as a customer now), I usually see cookies sold individually, from baskets or trays, with the option to buy as many or as few as you want. Maybe you should offer a discount per half dozen/dozen to encourage more bulk sales, but don't have the cookies pre-bagged (if the fair/market allows this) and bag them as people order for more flexibility. As you said, this could also be a good test format to see what sells, and then you can fine-tune for the next market.

A lot depends on the area and the clientele. And you will find each fair will be different. My suggestion is to do all three,  after a couple you will see what is going best in your area.. Decorated cookies, even simply, are huge here. Good luck

Thank you for the responses. All products must be in a sealed package before getting to the selling location. Even samples must be sealed at home. I guess for the first few fairs I  will bring a few different sizes and packages and see what is most popular. There aren't many fairs around here and they are usually $40- over $100 per day. I did direct sales for a utensil company at a few shows and rarely made the table fee, so I'm hoping the baked goods will go over better.

Northsidecookies posted:

Rojosells, How did this work out for you?

I to am trying out the same thing this weekend.

@SweetKatalina, I'm tagging @Rojosells, so she's more likely to see your question under this old post. We have a tagging feature here (using the @ symbol, just like on Facebook), which will send an alert-message to the member if you've tagged her/him in a comment. It works in most comment areas on the site.

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