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The USS Vinson just deployed for six months. What do you say we send them some Halloween cookies to cheer them up during deployment. I'm suggesting a dozen cookies but please feel free to send as many as you like. Any cookies will be great. Does not have to be decorated Halloween cookies. I will be sending three dozen, mixture of drop cookies and halloween cookies.

Target date for mailing is October 1. Let's show 5,000 of our finest some Cookie Love! Who is in?

Send cookies to:
Lt Al Ruiz
USS Carl Vinson CVN-70...
FPO AP 96629-2840

Put note inside for Al to share with crew..Chat

Lt. Ruiz is married to one of my law school colleagues. He just posted that the ship has been out to sea for one day and the supply of sweets are going fast. He has asked for some cookie love for his guys. He has no clue that this project has been launched. I know what we cookiers can do when we put our minds to it. Let's show the troops on this aircraft carrier some love. TYIA for your support of this worthwhile project.

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