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Hi all! I´m both new to this forum and to cookie decorating, and I need help. I've been practicing a lot with cookies, and Ive got pretty decent results but I usually have a problem. I prepare my outlining RI to a tooth paste consistency and then transfer it to a piping bag. I keep my bags on a tall glass with a wet paper in the bottom so they don't dry out. However, after a while the RI seems to be dry because it starts coming out differently, I get more peaks and it's less manageable. I've tried making it a tad thinner than toothpaste and then it drips from the tips (I usually outline with #2 tips). What am I doing wrong? Is there any advice that I can get so this is not driving me crazy anymore? Also, is there a way to avoid the outlining to be noticeable when both outlining and flooding are the same color? Thank you all in advance!

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Have you tried using some of those icing tip covers over your tips in the bags you have put aside? I know Wilton makes them, and probably so do others. I think they are made of soft plastic or silicone. 


I don't use metal tips for piping and flooding, so if a dry plug forms in the hole of my piping bag, I simply push it out until the icing flows again. Sometimes, I also have to knead the bag of icing to soften it up to the right consistency again. If kneading doesn't do the trick, I squeeze the icing back into a bowl and whip or whisk it up to consistency again, adding a few drops of water if needed.


Edited to add: As for piping/flooding "bonding" together seamlessly, try piping then flooding smaller areas so the piping doesn't have a chance to dry or begin to crust over before you flood into it.

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I wrap my bags in saran wrap.  I know what you mean about consistency though.  While piping my icing gets volume/puffs up.  I am guessing my hands are too warm.  Regardless, I am piping away and suddenly the design is ruined because the icing gets puffy.  lol  Then I am disheartened.  But I keep trying.  As for practice, I keep using the icing.  lol  It's usable, I may have to add more confec sugar or have to stir it back to consistency.  It's money spent, so don't toss it. 

I use metal tip 2 too!  I use that wilton silicon caps always I use Royalicing, and a icing bag ties from wilton too. No need to use a a damp cloth.  The consistency enought to piping without battle with the bag and your hand it shoul run easy and soft.  For use them next day I put them in a big plastic bag. Somthimes it is necesary to wisk it again, you will notice other consistency or separation of ingredients or your RI.



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Thank you all! I thought having a damp paper towel at the bottom would be enough to keep the RI at the consistency I want it. I guess I´ll have to buy the silicon caps, because I really don´t like how my cookies are coming out.

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