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I need some help in determining what the best method would be to decorate cookies for a local hospice where I volunteer.  I want to recreate there logo which is a pair of overlapping hands in a heart shape.  I am attaching their logo for reference.  I'm not sure what approach to take for the best results.  Do I do a wet on wet for the overlapping "fingers"?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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First of all your going to need a stencil or a projector to get it right.  I would make icing in the three colors: green, blue and the overlapping color.  Do I need to explain what to do next?

I'd stencil and airbrush it - where the two colors overlap, the airbrush colorings should naturally blend and create that sort of purple-ish hue.

Airbrushing as Julia suggested. If you don't own an airbrush, then painting. Getting the design onto the cookie with a projector would be easiest... If that's not possible, then with templates. Detailing would depend on the size of the cookies... The larger the easier to get it exact. If small, then make a template of the outside of one hand, trace, paint, flip, trace and paint incl. overlapping areas. If needed make another template for the white heart and draw straight finger lines with ruler, as they are given by the fingertips. Then pipe them with white RI, just dots where fingers cross... Good luck!

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Hi Mignon, I really like your logo for a hospice !!
I agree with the ideas of Julia, Econlady and Swissophie. I would think, if you do not have an airbrush, with a sponge to dab the color is synonymous. First one color, let everything dry and then the second color with inverted template.
This is how the stencil should look like:
(I kept your logo on your design)
... and: sorry for my english!


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I forgot:
it would also go with rolled white fondant. All you have to do is cut out with the same heart cutter as the cookies. You can attach the fondant with a very thin layer of frosting. Then the hands of the Fondant with the stencil.

I'm not a fan of airbrushed logos, or entirely airbrushed designs really. I think I'd try the three colors like econlady suggested. And I'd pipe it. But that's me. It would be super tricky, considering how close those fingers are.

Airbrush would certainly be a more surefire way of gettin er done.

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