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I'm a big Pinterest user, and I've started seeing a lot of pins generated from this forum, which I think is great- it's a lot easier to pin from here than from Facebook, for example.  I do have a suggestion. Right now when you pin, the descriptor for the pin seems to be generated from the picture title, but that is the only info- usually I'd look for who the artist was as well, but that's another extra step that a lot aren't taking.  Is there any way to autofill both the picture name and the forum user to a pin?  It's make for better crossmedia use!  Just my $.02.



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Hi, Rebecca, 


I'm not sure I'm completely understanding your question, but Pinterest and the photo creator are who control how pins appear/get named on Pinterest, not Hoop.la (this site's platform). Pinterest's default is to pin the photo by the title that the user gives the image. 


It's unlikely that my site administrators will invest any time in customizing their platform to add other tags to pins, since Pinterest can change their interface with sites such as this one on a whim.


My best advice is to name your photo as you want it to appear on Pinterest (i.e., with your name or website, or whatever you want tagged, in the IMAGE title) and also embed metatags in the image before you post it here. 


Hope that helps somewhat.


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