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Kinda long . . . Question at the end if you just want to skip to it.

I make hand drawn cookies for the military. I do it as a thank you. I don’t sell or take orders and it’s all out of pocket. I am continually floored by the generosity and kindness of the people I’ve met on this journey. Saturday there was a knock on the door and a package left. I hadn’t ordered anything so thought it was a goodie from my son overseas. 

It was not. It was 500 individual bags for cookies. I was confused, as I can’t use individual bags. I must vacuum-seal them to protect the design as well as to preserve them as they take 2-6 weeks to arrive. I look at the packing slip and there is a note. “These were sent to you anonymously to help with your military cookie endeavors. Thank you for your service.” Que tears. It took a while but I finally figured out they shrink!!! OMG I’m so excited! This is a total game changer. I mean TOTAL GAME CHANGER!!!! I can get more in a box and they don’t have to be consumed right away. 

My question is: When shrinking poly bags, do I need a heat gun or will a hair dryer suffice? 


~humbled daily by the amazing cookie creations I see and the endless generosity of the members in this group. 

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Great story of yours! What a wonderful thing you do for our military too! I wish I could advise here, but I don't bag my cookies any more. Hopefully, someone else with more experience here will chime in soon!

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