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Here are some cookies I am working on. As you can see, the red and white frosting is fairly smooth while the black has dents and craters. All three are from the same batch and all three went on smoothly but dried differently. This is my second attempt with the same results. I used the AmeriColor. Is there something different about the black?


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I'm not an expert but have noticed this on some of my cookies.  It seems I have trouble with this because I don't fill with quite enough icing.  Have you experimented with really filling one up and not with another one to see if you get the same results?  Since the black has more curves, it could possibly be it needs just a little more.  Also, another idea is maybe it takes more food color to get black which has thinned the icing slightly more so it takes less to cover the cookie since it runs a little faster??  Just some thoughts but no proof.  It'll be interesting to see what you learn because I'd like to try chalkboard cookies soon!!  Good Luck!

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