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I have just begun my cookier career. I made a few dozen cookies, decorated and sold them. I have been running into a problem with my sugar cookies these past 3 weeks. I will have one batch come out beautiful, not burned, not raw but just right ( the perfect light shade, plump full look). The next batch of cookies will look raw/buttery at the bottom. Anything I cook after that comes out the same. Once I set the baking sheet on the cooling rack I can see the middle begin the get dark spots, once it cools I flip it and the bottom has "raw" or "buttery" looking spots. Any ideas on how I can stop this from happening? I did not take any pictures and it just happened last night AGAIN.  Any help is appreciated.

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They sound under-baked, though hard to tell with no photos. Have you tried baking longer on a lower temperature, so they bake more slowly and evenly all the way through?

I have a the repair man coming tomorrow, fingers crossed 

I did try lower temps and longer bake time and the same thing happened. I am trying to be optimistic and hoping its an easy over fix. 

Thank you ladies for your help. 

Have you put an oven thermometer in the oven to see if it's actually oven trouble - i.e., that the oven isn't heating to the proper temperature?

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