I’m a new mom to a 7 week old. I haven’t accepted any orders since July to give myself a maternity leave. I’m no longer working my 9-5, and I would like to begin making treats full time. However, being a new mom is exhausting and I’m worried about reopening too soon and being unable to keep up with orders. Ideally I thought I’d have a routine by now and could reopen, but my daughter has no schedule, things are still a bit chaotic and I’m receiving inquiries for orders in November and December. 

Any tips on returning to baking with a newborn? Also, I’d love to hear from other parents about when they began making cookies again. 


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Hey, Dena! I wish I could lend motherly advice, but I never had kids or the challenge of juggling my work with children. However, for whatever it’s worth, my “backseat” advice is to take it at your own pace and not worry about how fast or slow others have returned. Everyone’s body, stamina, and family demands are so different! Cookies will always be there whenever you decide to come back. Congrats on the new addition!

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