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Jennifer Costanzo-Druzisky posted:

Hi,  What are food safe stamps?  Also, I'm assuming I need several ink pads for each color I use with the ink... right?  Also, what brand of ink should I use? Thanks!

Jennifer Druzisky

"Food-safe stamp" is a loaded term, in my opinion, as there is only one company I know that sells them; yet when I asked the owner what made her stamps "food-safe" and if she could supply any documentation certifying their food safety, she gave me only very vague answers and never supplied any documentation. Apparently the rubber used is food-safe, and hers aren't mounted on wood, which can harbor bacteria. It's naturally in her best interest to say hers are "food-safe", but I wonder if they're really any different than regular craft stamps based on the response I got.

As for the other questions, you really should post them as a separate forum topic since they aren't related to this topic of sanitizing stamps. I have moved them to a new forum for you this time, but in the future, please search the forums to see if a topic has already been addressed, and then, if not, post it as a new topic. Thanks!

EVERYONE ELSE - Please respond to Jennifer's ink pad and ink questions here: http://cookieconnection.juliau...-stamping-on-cookies

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