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This month, we've got lovely ladies gracing our site! And I'm not just talking about all of you wonderful members out there 😀; I'm talking about this month's site art by the talented @Dita! I'm sure you've already noticed her stately cookie women in the banner and backdrop, as they've been gazing at us for the last couple of days while I was finishing up this post. Aren't they gorgeous? I especially love the many delicate details in their dresses!

June 2024 Site BannerJune 2024 Site Background

As you've probably also noticed, Site Art Stylist Gabi (aka @Icingsugarkeks) added her signature sparkle (literally and figuratively!) to the banner. Thanks to both Dita and Gabi for beautifying our site this month!

As I haven't yet done an in-depth Cookier Close-up interview with Dita, I will definitely be doing one soon! Yay, I love learning more about our members! Stay tuned for it sometime in July after my cookie art competition has closed. (Speaking of which, if you haven't yet registered or entered, you ought to! Prizes are huge - greater than $25,500 - and the learning and growth are also unmatched. More info, including all of the rules, is behind the previous pink link.)

Back to Dita! Dita has been a prolific Cookie Connection member since 2021. And lucky for us, you can view her large and beautiful Cookie Connection portfolio here. Please also check out Dita's bio below to learn more about her as you wait for her Close-up! Thanks again, Dita, for sharing so much of your magical work with us over the last three years!

Dita Dortová

Dita Dortová (aka @Dita) hails from the small town of Slatiňany near Chrudim in the Czech Republic. She is a passionate amateur cookie decorator, especially of gingerbread. Sometime in 2016, Dita received a gingerbread recipe from a friend, which, over time, she modified and perfected to her personal taste. Dita’s first steps in decorating were very uncertain and shaky. However, she became so engrossed in decorating that she didn’t give up, but instead followed the slow and steady path of trial and error to cultivate her skills. Dita is still developing and honing her craft, but is best known for her floral motifs using both wet-on-wet icing and drawing. Dita enjoys following the famous work of Julia M. Usher and other great cookie decorators, and baking cakes and other types of cookies on the side for family and friends.

Again, to learn more about Dita's cookie work, please visit her Cookie Connection portfolio.

All cookies and photos by Dita Dortová.

Last but not least, for those of you who are wondering how to get featured, it's easy! Simply read these posts here and here. Remember: Site artists not only get their work featured prominently for a full month, but they also get profiled in a forum post like this one and in an in-depth Cookier Close-up interview. All considered, it's a lot of great free PR in exchange for photo sharing! When preparing your site art, please bear in mind that I already have artwork through all of 2024, thanks to @Icingsugarkeks, but she is currently at work on material for 2025. So don't hesitate to submit your cookies at any time. Please also remember that Icingsugarkeks is available to help you get your photos in the right format, so feel free to contact her if you need assistance! You can send her a PM right here on Cookie Connection by clicking on her name (in pink) above.


Images (3)
  • June 2024 Site Banner: Cookies and Photos by Dita; Graphic Design by Pretty Sweet Designs and Icingsugarkeks
  • June 2024 Site Background: Cookies and Photos by Dita; Graphic Design by Icingsugarkeks
  • Dita Dortová: Photo Courtesy of Dita
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@Dita posted:

Velmi děkuji drahá @Julia M. Usher a @Icingsugarkeks za vaši skvělou práci. Je mi velkou ctí stát se součástí vašich stránek. Je báječné být mezi tolika skvělými dekoratéry🙏❤️ Ještě jednou moc děkuji 😊

Thank YOU, Dita! It is wonderful to have you contributing to the site!

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