Say Hello to Our November Site Artist!

This month's site artist, the creator of the stunning owls you now see staring back at you, is one of our most prolific contributors to the site. 

November 2017 Owl Banner - KimOwlBackgroundRevised

Not only has she been a featured site artist at lease three (or is it four?) times, she is also a repeat Practice Bakes Perfect challenge entrant, who often enters each challenge multiple times! Her signature style of boldly painted scenes, often with the added dimension of modeled fondant figurines, is immediately recognizable to anyone who's been on the site for more than a few weeks. Yes, you guessed it . . . our November site artist is none other than the talented and very generous @Kim Damon!

Kim, thank you, ONCE AGAIN, for putting so much of yourself into beautifying our site and for contributing so actively to the growth and success of our challenges. Every one of your contributions is recognized and appreciated not only by me, but by so many others!

For those who don't yet know Kim, please read her brief bio below and also the in-depth Cookier Close-up interview that we conducted with her back in February when her first cookie art contribution appeared on our site.

Kim Damon - CroppedKim Damon, a hobbyist cookie decorator and family daycare owner from Potsdam, New York, USA, loves every art medium she’s ever tried – from clay, watercolor, and oil painting to hand-sewing and jewelry making.

One night, when she and her friend Rebecca (aka The Cookie Architect) got together to work on one of Rebecca’s cookie challenges, Kim first touched fondant and was hooked! Soon after, she was introduced to the cookie challenges on Cookie Connection and fell in love with the cookie community and the format of this site. Friendships developed, as did Kim’s experimentation with her new cookie art medium.

Kim’s love of God, people, color, design, and nature have all woven their way into her cookies, which she both sells and gives away. Her 29-year-old son named her business (Mom Makes Cookies), and, because he’s the oldest of her kids, that name just seemed right! Kim has been married to her best friend Tim for 29 years, and together they have six kids ranging in age from 15 to 29. For more of Kim's work, check out her Cookie Connection portfolio here.

Photo credit: Kim Damon.

Again, huge applause for Kim and her many and varied site contributions! 

* P.S. If you would like your own cookie art to be considered for use on the site, I would love to see it at any time. Guidelines for submitting cookie art can be found here. We are currently seeking art for every month of 2018 except for January and February. Please also remember that featured art will be in position on the site for a month, and all featured artists get a post like this one plus their very own Cookier Close-up


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Tammy Trahan New Orleans Cookie Company posted:

Beautiful cookies Kim!!! I looked at your cookie portfolio too. You have so many very creative and beautiful sets!!! I enjoyed looking at all of them!!! 😍

Thank you, Tammy, I'm so glad you like my cookies! How cool you looked at them all. There's some pretty rough stuff the farther back you go! hehe  always growing, always learning. (◡‿◡✿)

Kim Damon posted:

@Julia M. Usher your words humble me. Thank you for your kindness, and for letting me play and grow here, and for being the source of so much inspiration, and for creating a space of so much cookie comroderie. My life is more fun for it and so many are impacted by it!  (✿◠‿◠)

Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

Hi congratulations Kim!!! Being featured is so well deserved because of your consistently creative and uniquely beautiful work.  It was such fun to read about you and learn a little bit more about your interests and family . I always look forward to seeing each one of your cookie sets .

Thank you so much, Carol! Very kind of you to say.  ôヮô

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