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Hey, all! Just a brief "human interest" post! As you all probably know, we recently announced the winners of our 2016 Cookiers' Choice Awards. They'll each receive a $500 cash prize in addition to a commemorative "trophy", which is a custom-engraved Waterford Crystal vase! All four vases just arrived today (so, winners: they'll be in the mail in a couple of days). I couldn't be happier with how they turned out, so I thought I'd share:


Congrats again to our 2016 winners! Hopefully, this sneak peek will be ample motivation to everyone here to post like crazy in 2017! Remember: your cookie work can't nominated for the 2017 Awards if you don't post it here in the first place!  


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  • 2016 Cookiers' Choice Awards "Trophy": Photo by Julia M Usher
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