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... flooding super close to the edge without the icing falling off?

I'm looking to use the airbrush more, and I don't want the bit of over spray to land on naked cookie, so I want to get as close to the edge as possible.  I'd like to not have to do an outline in a different consistency, but I think I may have to to get the results I'm looking for.

I use a recipe with a little corn syrup and glycerine, if that makes a difference.
So, what are your counts for outlining and flood? Or are you able to get close to the edge with only one consistency?


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I think you could just dip cookies into flood consistency icing. You can find some tutorial video on youtube.


I usually outline with medium consistency icing because I like sharp outlines and also outlining is one of the most fun parts of cookie decorating for me.

I personally like 16-18 seconds icing best for flooding and can go pretty close to the border with that, depending also on cookie size and shape. I use either icing with meringue powder or with egg white powder - and don't really notice a difference between the two. No further additives, though.

Outlining works best with medium icing a bit on the stiff side (does that make sense?), but I avoid outlining whenever possible, as I don't like the look of it. It always shows too much.

But I guess this method won't bring you close enough to the edge for your purpose...

How about making an iced border after airbrushing? Or maybe a fondant snake which you can use as a temporarily boarder and remove after?

Thanks!  I'm going to experiment this weekend and see what happens.  My airbrush machine hasn't come in yet, so that'll have to wait.

But I'll keep the outlining and the fondant "snake" in mind for when I do get to finally airbrush.  

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