After my site support team made some changes to your "Notifications" area a few weeks ago, I've gotten a few questions about how the "Alerts" page works, so I am posting a few clarifications below. BTW, the changes made to the "Notifications" area are very important, as they may affect the volume of automatic notices you get from the site, so PLEASE ALSO READ THIS RELATED POST, if you haven't already. Thanks!

Now, for those "Alerts" page clarifications:

1) Alerts cannot be manually deleted from your "Alerts" page. (Although your private messages can be deleted, but that's another story . . .) I've suggested to the site support team that they add this functionality, but so far they have not committed to do so.

2) Alerts will only display in the order they were created, with the most recent ones displaying first.

3) Whether read or unread, alerts drop off the list after seven (7) days. If you have a large number of alerts to display, then pagination links will display at the bottom of the page to allow you to see them all. But, again, if you don't look at your alerts for over a week, you will miss some, because they automatically drop off (disappear) at that time.

That's it! Please leave any questions below.

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