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Attention: Cookie decorators in Texas!

This bill (more info below) never made it out of committee two years ago. It has been introduced again this year and needs your support. Please call your representatives and tell them you support this bill. Here is a list of representatives in Texas:

Chair - "Four" Price, Amarillo (512) 463-0470

Vice Chair - J.D. Sheffield, Gatesville (512) 463-0628 

Diana Arévalo, San Antonio (512) 463-0616

Cindy Burkett, Garland (512) 463-0464

Garnet Coleman, Houston (512) 463-0524

Nicole Collier, Fort Worth (512) 463-0716

Philip Cortez, San Antonio (512) 463-0269

Bobby Guerra, McAllen (512) 463-0578 

Stephanie Klick, North Richland Hills (512) 463-0599 

Tom Oliverson, Tomball (512) 463-0661

Bill Zedler, Arlington (512) 463-0374 

HB 1926, the Texas Homemade Food Bill, has been filed by State Representative Eddie Rodriguez, a long-time supporter of local food producers.

HB 1926 would create an intermediate step in between the current cottage food law and a full scale commercial kitchen. Home producers who are limited by the cottage food law would be able to opt to become a "home processor", which would allow them to sell more types of foods at more locations. Some highlights of the bill include:

  1. Does not affect existing cottage food law.
  2. Is an optional step between "cottage foods" and a licensed food establishment.
  3. Allows more types of food to be sold. Some examples are: potentially hazardous baked goods like cheesecake, all non-potentially hazardous foods, fermented products, and acidified or low acid canned goods that do not contain meat.
  4. Allows wholesale, mail order, and internet sales within Texas.
  5. Allows sales at any location in Texas.
  6. Requires registration, an annual fee, and inspections.
  7. Has health and safety rules such as no pets in the kitchen, a separate refrigerator, and more. 

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Yesterday I received a surprise call from Four Price.  He asked me several questions concerning HB1926.  His office is logging our calls and he is definately listening.  Please keep the calls rolling in and thank you to those who have already called!

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