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I would like to create the illusion of runny, shiny, wet egg yolks in a Scotch Egg, on my royal icing-covered cookies, however these will be packaged in individual bags so cannot remain tacky. (I'm including a snap of real Scotch Eggs below for reference)

I have seen cake/piping gel used to achieve the same result, however that doesn't dry from what I've read. I've also seen mentions of deco gel, but it's been discontinued. I also researched working with isomalt, however whenever I attempted any isomalt projects, the temperature and humidity in sunny Malta make it that it never fully dries and fogs up very quickly (even after sealing it with PME clear edible glaze spray).

Has anyone had any success achieving such a look? Much appreciated!!

P.S. apologies if this subject has already been tackled elsewhere, I thoroughly searched the site prior to posting.


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It sounds like you've tried all the obvious ways except for corn syrup or glucose, which will also remain tacky in humid conditions. Why not package the cookies another way - i.e., put them in small boxes and then bag them? The box would prevent the bag from sticking to the cookie, but then the cookie would still be well-sealed if you feel you need to seal it that well.

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