Over this past week, I have had trouble or am entirely unable to post clips from my phone. This is how I've always posted to the site. Last week I was able to get it to work by closing out the website and re-opening it. Today, to no avail whether I re-open site, reboot my phone. It allows me to choose a file but never uploads it, just sits there unfinished, the uploading bar never turning green as per norm. Happening to anyone else? Suggestions? I can not post my PBP entries. Also, I am unable to like posts or comment on them from my phone. 

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Hi, thanks for the trouble report. This is really a topic for our tech support, as it beyond my scope of expertise. Have you notified them through the link at the bottom of every page on the site? I'll go ahead and copy your post to them, and then copy you on that trouble ticket so you can follow their response, and directly provide them additional input, as needed. Feel free to do this whenever you have technical issues like this in the future, as they can jump on these issues far faster than I can. 

Keri (sp?), Here's what they said. Please visit the link above to give them your browser and phone info, as I will be working all day today and unable to push this forward in that time:

There are no known upload issues, so we will need more info to help determine if there is an issue with Hoop.la.

Keep in mind that the issue may well have been related to quality of the internet  connection where she was at the time.  Upload speeds are always slower than download speeds (reading/accessing files).  If the internet connection is poor, the process may take a while to complete.  My guess is that she was on a poor wifi or cellphone internet coverage area at the time.

However, we can see if we can investigate if you can you tell us:

-- the name (display name and/or email address) of the person having the issue

-- The type of phone (make/model) and browser the person was using when trying to upload the photos?


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