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Does anyone have any tips for using a cookie cutter that makes a design?  I've put an example below. It's very simple, but I'm using it in lieu of the actual cookie cutter I want to buy because that one is a licensed character. So, for example, if one were to fill the entire cookie with the light brown, is there a way to then use the smaller pieces to mark where you should put the dark brown?  The only thing I can think of is tracing them with a food-safe marker, but I was wondering if I'm missing anything.  I use glaze if that matters. Thanks!



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I'd probably do what you suggested - which is to trace the other shapes on top of the iced cookie. You could do this with a food-safe marker, or score the outline into the icing with a tip of a scribe tool or turkey lacer. If you didn't want one color on top of the other, you could also use the smaller cutters to score those shapes into the bottom cookie before the cookie bakes. Some impressions would be left after baking, which could then be used as a tracing guide to lay colors side by side.

I hope this helps, and is what you were after!

Yes, most of the time I will be using the lines impressed into the cookie, which is good.  But for some things, I think it's just easier to flood the whole area and then pipe on top of it.  I do have a scribe tool, so I will do that.  I just wanted to make sure there wasn't some miracle answer out there that I hadn't thought of!

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