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Hi, Maggie, They're simply fun (hopefully) ways to catalog people's activity level on the site. You amass points on the site for doing various things - like uploading clips, writing blog posts, etc. And as you amass points, you graduate from nibbler to gnosher to gobbler. (My platform host,, has set the algorithm that determines which activities on the site get the most points; even I don't know it. But I've set the point levels at which one moves from nibbler to gnosher, and so on).


If you go to your profile and click on "Activity Level" to the right of your name (see first attachment), a window will open up (second attachment) that shows the points needed to advance from one level to the next. Your accumulated points also appear at the top right of your profile.


Again, this is simply intended to be a fun metric to watch - nothing at all competitive. If you don't want it to reveal, then go into your member profile and edit your title. If you enter a title, your activity level will not reveal.


P.S. I am moving this question into the "Site Stuff" forum because I think it better relates to questions about the site than casual cookie chat, and more people are likely to find it there. It's a good question, so I don't want it to be missed!


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  • Activity Level Title Link: To the Right Of Your Name in Your Member Profile
  • Activity Levels: Points Needed to Advance to the Next Level
Anne Marie Adams posted:

Thank you Julia I was wondering the same question since we're on this topic what does the community rating numbers mean

Hi, Anne Marie, the community ranking is just an accounting of how you're ranked relative to others based on activity points. For instance, my rank is 1 because I have more activity points than any other member of this site.

Here's a link to the most recent post that explains activity points and levels in greater detail: http://cookieconnection.juliau...ilestone-recognition

P.S. Please use the advanced search feature in the future to find "site operations" type content. If your question relates to how something works on the site, chances are very good that I already answered the question in a blog or forum post. You'll also get your answers faster by searching, rather than waiting for me to answer. Thanks!

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