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We all have techniques, patterns, or designs that we're drawn to more than others. What's your favorite way to decorate a cookie and why?

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I have recently become a huge fan of "painting" a cookie with the color creates an awesome texture without having to add a ton of RI or Fondant...

I attached a pic of the mason jars I recently did...the blue glass effect is done by lightly painting on the blue color.

Mason Jar Family Reunion Cookie


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  • Mason Jar Family Reunion Cookie: Color Painting Example

Wet on wet is fun, and quick, and feel like I am a kid fingerpainting! But I truly love piping lattice, making even lines, then criss-crossing them, then adding dots to the ends of the lines. It must be something in my brain that likes the orderly feel of it! I like repeating patterns in other things, too, like in fabrics: diamonds with polka dots at the points, stripes, plaids. Wonder what  psychologist would say about that,!

My favourite for ease is definitely dry on wet, piping icing onto an acetate template to dry and then plopping it on a wet cookie is always fun, but my favourite artistically is wet on dry. I use watercolours in my art and piping gels act nearly the same on a cookie, so you can get great effects!

I love stenciling!When I started my cookie adventure I didn't want to use them cause I thought that they restrict the decorating possibilities...but when I saw what Julia could do with them I chanded my min.Now I own tons of them!You can use them as they are, with RI on RI, with RI on Fondant or airbrush them on either RI or fondant, mask them, use disco dust on them...I love the clear effect that they have on cookies AND the realy fast way they allow me to decorate!

Oh how I love to look at everyones techniques! Love the beautiful designs and freehand art work. I like to paint cookies with good impressions. I use a glaze but love to see royal icing and delicate piping and writing. 




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  • Unpainted Lily
  • Hand painted Lily

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