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Sweet Sharing with Mary Valentino of Emma's Sweets

I am so excited to be here today with Mary of Emma's Sweets. I have watched all your Youtube videos, and seen your countless FB cookie posts and admire your work, which is always so clean and lovely. So thank you for being my guest today!
Before we jump into Q&A, just a few housekeeping notes for newbies to our chats: questions are answered in the order received, but they will not post to the public/viewable area of the chat until Mary reads and answers them. We'll work through questions that were logged in advance first; then start working on questions asked live during the chat. That said, please be patient and do not re-post the same question. It may take some time to answer your question, depending on where it sits in the queue. But I will personally make sure every question gets answered before we're through!
Hi, Mary! Welcome! I just wanted to pop by to thank you for taking time out of your day to chat with us on Cookie Connection. Video is near and dear to my heart, and while I am not sure I can be on your chat today (I may still be recovering from a trip to China), I will enter a few advance questions to get us started and to fill in any gaps. Again, thank you very much for being here!
First and foremost, since this chat is about DIY video, I'd like to post links to Mary's first and most recent (as of this post) YouTube videos, so you all can get a sense of the progression of her video work. I thought her first video was hard to improve upon, but she somehow found a way! First video: Most recent video:
Mary, with those two videos in mind, can you tell us what you see as the biggest differences between them? How would you say your video production has changed most over time?
Julia, thank you for the opportunity to be a guest at this chat . Thank you Tina for inviting me! And of course for everyone else who has taken the time join the chat, I am very happy to be here with you all! Julia, if I were to compare my first YouTube Video (which was a monogram cookie using a stencil and a bead border - published May 2014) and my most recent video (character cookie - published April 2016), I see a few differences. The main difference is the speed and pace of the video. I find the first video long and drawn out - almost painful to watch! Whereas my more recent videos are quicker and fun! I think viewers, in general, lose interest after a few minutes, so keeping the videos shorter is a main focus for me. I have also learned how to use the editing program more efficiently. So one will notice that subtle differences, such as fading and zooming in on images, make the video more appealing to watch as well. I am not one to speak in videos, or be seen, so all instructions are inserted in the video. I have also learned how to place them more strategically so they are more legible and easy to follow along now, versus my first few videos.
Before we get too deep into video production details, I'd like to step back a bit and ask why you decided to start producing videos in the first place? What are your primary objectives in making them?
Julia, I started to make the videos in an effort to help educate others. I turned to YouTube a few years ago to learn tips and tricks on cookie decorating - so I thought I would do the same. Now I have realized that making videos is a great way to drive traffic to my site and social media.
And why did you decide to use your limited time (I know you work in the financial industry four days a week) to make them yourself, as opposed to hiring someone or a small team?
Julia, I have never thought to hire anyone to produce my videos. Yes, my time is very limited, but the videos I have filmed to date have all been orders that I have been working on, so really the only additional work has been setting up the camera, then editing the videos. And now that I know how to use the editing program, the process is very quick!
What are your goals for your YouTube channel in the next few years? Do you aspire to reach a certain number of subscribers or views? What are your metrics of video success?
Julia, I do not have a set goal as far as reaching a specific number of subscribers on my YouTube channel. I only recently began to put more focus on my channel. I am not entirely sure which direction I will head in the next few years.
Hi, Mary. You are such an inspiration. As far as your videos, is there an app you can recommend for editing?
Michelle West Sion , thank you so much. I use a video camera on a tripod to record my cookie decorating. Once I transfer the footage to my laptop, I use "Movie Maker" to edit the videos. I have never used an app on my phone. I am actually not familiar with video apps!
Hi Mary, so glad to be able to participate in this chat. I've long awaited a chat/tutorial on shooting DIY videos so thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.
I'm a total novice at this so my first question is, what technology is used to shoot videos? iPhones, IPads, other gadgets?
Cookie Celebration LLC - Thank you for joining in! I use a video camera on a tripod to record my videos.
Yes but there are many ways to take a video.
Yes Tina there are!
I believe you can also use your phone if you have the space, a camera with video capabilities, a tablet or ipad too!
Do you have to utilize lighting or do you use natural light? If you are using lighting, do you use multiple sources of lighting - 2 or more?
Cookie Celebration LLC - Initially, I was only using natural light. But was finding that natural lighting can be inconsistent. So I picked up 2 umbrella lights and typically use those (along with natural lighting) as well now.
Hi Tina, Mary, Julia....thank you for imparting your wisdom with us today!!
Glad you are with us !
What kind of lighting do you use if you do use lighting.
Thank you - and everyone else here!
So glad you are here.
Are there pictures of the setup you use when shooting prior to turning on the camera?
Here is a photo of my set up. I record in my kitchen on the table, I have a large patio door and a lot of natural lighting in this room. I use a vinyl backdrop to work on and place 2 umbrella lights to my left and to my right of my working area. The camera is set up on a tripod directly in front of me.
set up
This is awesome !Thank you for sharing this with us.
No problem Tina! Nothing fancy
Hi Mary -- Barb Florin (BAKRGAL) here. Do you have a dedicated place in your home set up for making your videos?
How much pre-planning does it require on your end. You make it look so easy and I know that it couldn't be. Do you leave a little video studio setup in your home?
Hey Barb (Bakrgal) -- just the kitchen
Cookie Celebration LLC- I do not have a studio set up in my house. To date, all of my videos have been orders that I was working on. So the prep work involved in creating the set was there already. I just make sure my video recorder is charged and plug in my umbrella lights! Make sure the lighting is reflecting where I feel it works best. And try to make my nails look decent!
This answers both !
Do you use a special program to edit the video (i.e; shorten certain segments, add music, speed up the tempo, etc.)
Cookie Celebration LLC - The words are added via the editing program on "Movie Maker". To date, I have not used my voice in my videos.
Do you use those board backdrops to reflect lighting off the area being recorded?
Cookie Celebration LLC - I do not use boards to reflect the lighting - just the umbrellas
How do you add words to the videos and/or voice recordings?
Cookie Celebration LLC- I use "Movie Maker" for all of my videos. I can incorporate music, add photos to the video, speed up, zoom, pan, adjust colours etc...
What is your take on doing the videos in general? Do you think it has significantly increased your client/viewer base for other social media outlets you utilize?
Cookie Celebration LLC - I definitely believe that the videos have increased my following on social media. More so on IG. The videos on IG are 15 seconds and a teaser for those that will have to go over to my YouTube channel to view the whole tutorial. As far as clients go, when they see a page that has a large following, I would suspect that it may incline them more to contact them? Perhaps? That's a tough one...
What are your biggest challenges when recording?
Cookie Celebration LLC- My biggest challenge with recording has always been lighting. Even with the umbrellas, I still don't find them bright enough. But in the end, ,I am not a professional photographer, so I do the best I can ! (and I can always brighten the videos with the editing program!
We are now going to live questions!
I will try and be quick!
Hi Mary - my question would be how long does it take to edit your videos, i.e. 2 years ago v now? and would you say that videos helped increase your followers on instagram?
While Mary is typing lets look at some of her work
Sharing some of Mary's lovely work - the wafer paper flower is the subject of one of her tutorials.
Baptism wafer paper
Hi Liz-- when I first started two years ago, it took hours to edit! And there were a couple of time when the program seized and I had to start over - very discouraging! But now I would say it takes under an hour
Hi Mary - what would you say is the best tidbit you can give us re taking videos?
Welcome Liz
Liz- I would confidently say that the videos have increased my following on IG - some really large pages share the videos and can drive over 500 new followers overnight!
Hi Mary - can you use any music or do you need permission from the artist to use their music?
Just love her work!! I am in love with that wafer paper flower she did and this entire set! Gorgeous!!
Liz- the best tidbit of advice would be to make the videos fun (and as short as possible while still including valuable information).. people tend to lose interest after a few minutes!
Wow, under an hour to edit is outstanding. You're capturing my interest on trying this out.
Hi Mary - thank you for your time this morning - ..... and CC for hosting this chat! Liz (The Cookie Duchess)
Liz - I do not just pull music off the internet. I use a site that is suggested with the editing program so I avoid copyright issues
Sorry for posting this late Liz
How do you decide what topics/skills you want to cover in a video?
Cookie Celebration - my videos are short so I think thats why it takes under an hour now
Liz -- thank you for being here !
Love the 15 second video idea on Instagram. Not on Instagram...ugh, yet!
Good question Liz L-Morra - never would have even thought you may have to get permission on the music!
You mentioned you do tutorials for all skill levels. Have you also organized your channel into playlists by tutorial complexity/level to help guide viewers to appropriate tutorials?
Bakrgal - Barb so far, the only tuts that I have created were for current customer orders, so the topics and skills were just what I was working on (make sense?)
Cookie Celebration-- Get on IG, it's the way to go! The followers grow much quicker as does exposure
You have a lot of work on varied subjects in your sets, what makes you video that one cookie?
Julia, I have not organized playlists on YouTube, but that is a great suggestion
Tina - good question. I usually film the "featured" cookie within a set
BTW, it's good you're showing people you don't have to have voice in your video to make it work. Lucy/Honeycat and Amber/Sweetambs don't, and they do great videos.
I love watching your videos and following your cookie creations - always so inspiring!
Hi Mary! Very interesting to learn about your tricks in video recording! A big hug to you, Tina, Julia and all the other sweet ladies ❤️
Hi Sweet Evelin thanks for joining us
Bakrgal - Barb, I am not comfortable with my voice on a recording. Besides, I would still have to learn how to do that!
Liz- Thanks Liz!
Do you work with a PC or a MAC?
Evelindecora- thanks for joining!!
So true Tina, about not having to have a voice in the video, I do love the print popping up - visually it stays in my mind longer I think.
Cookie Celebration - I work from a PC
I wonder if using an APP to shoot the video comes as clear as Mary's.
Cookie Celebration- I have not compared the two, but I am sure with the quality of cell phones and tablets, the quality would be good
It should if I understand you correctly
Is it easier to explain the process of recording by saying you 1) record at normal speed, and then 2) just edit out A LOT to keep it moving, interesting, informative?
Cookie Celebration - I record at a "normal" speed and edit quite a bit out and speed it up!
Can you tell us some more about Movie Maker? Is is something you purchased, easily available online, easy to use? Have you tried others.
You are very good at the editing process! I think your videos are really perfect.
Cookie Celebration- I am quite sure it comes with the PC. I actually had to research on line how to use a lot of it. I have not tried other programs
Cookie Celebration - Thank you!
Do you stop and start the video process and if so, is the entire recording in one file? I ask because if an APP is used and there is more than one file can they be successfully combined with Movie Maker?
Cookie Celebration- I have multiple clips generally (waiting for sections of the cookie to dry).. then start recording the next stage.
Such a lot of effort, I am so more appreciative of your videos, and others' videos because my cookies change so often during the creative process of decorating. I can only imagine how consistent and organized you must be!
Just did a quick look online for Movie Maker and it is available for a MAC, which I use. I'll have to read more on it - don't want to miss this chat!!
Cookie Celebration- It can be a lot of effort, but in the end, when I hear great feedback it makes it worth it
Making videos - is that a class you would consider hosting in the future?
Liz - I have never considered teaching it.. most likely not a topic I would cover
Do you know when you have finished you have made a successful video?
Great idea Liz L-Morra!
Tina- Until I review the footage on line, I do not usually know. There have been a few times where I have forgotten to hit record, and miss a whole portion of the process
Hi Mary, really glad I can join you! Great to hear all your tips. I'm wondering if you find it difficult tom et that the rigt angle for piping a while filming so the cookie can be seen, that's still comfortable? It's something I struggled with!
Thanks for joining Lucy Welcome
Lucy - thanks for joining! This was a huge struggle for me as well. Until I learned this : I record with the camera directly in front of me, then flip the footage on line so it appears that the camera is behind me
Lucy - Honeycat - great question - I can only image that my hands would be in the way all the time - I am a left handed piper!
You videos have an audience range from 1000 to 70,000 views you have over 8000 subscribers. Quite a good following for someone doing home video tutorials. Does this produce any income for you? Or is it just the amount of traffic it brings back to your page and potential orders that makes it worth while?
Tina - I enjoy the traffic it brings to my page!
I found that way tricky, because of the angle I hold the bag. Now I have an awkward side angle for the camera and still have to flip the film. I think you and Kari (Yankee Girl Yummies) have really clear piping technique on videos.
Lucy - that seems to be the only way that works for me. Are you left handed?
Hello Mary, and everyone else in the chat. Have to come here and say Hi and congratulate you on your work. I do love to watch what you make and how you make it. I´ve seen there are lots of tips I can get from you, specially on "videos". I have a lot to learn. Thanks for delighting us with such a wonderful work.
Welcome Marta Thanks for joining us!
The Cookie Lab - Marta, Thank you for stopping by!! I appreciate your comments and kind words
Great tip on flipping the footage. That is something most of us would never think of doing!!
I'm right handed, but hold the bag almost vertically, with my right forearm resting on my left wrist, sort of all crossed over and mangled! So for videoing I find I'm not piping comfortably in order to keep what I'm doing clear!
Cookie Celebration - trial and error
Hello Mary! I am a big fan of your work and I love your IG video. Thank you for sharing your work and also your set up. I think it takes a lot of work and experience on the way both to shoot and to edit good videos like yours. Recently I discovered "Splice" which is a good app for editing (for those interested in using cell phones and tablets).
Lucy - I see. I hold the bag on an angle (not vertically). It's hard to explain without showing it
I would like to ask about icing consistency especially for writing
what social media do you share your videos on? Is it primarily IG and Facebook (as well as youtube) or are there others?
Manu - Thank you! It does take a lot of work. I have an advantage though. My husband works with electronics so he has been super helpful in getting me the proper equipment and how to use it!
Can you give us any tips on organizing/setting up your YouTube channel page to maximize viewership?
I Made That - This is a tricky one even for me. It's trial and error before piping on the cookie.
Let's look at some more work.
Lucy - I usually just share quick 15 second videos on IG and FB and always direct people to the full videos on YouTube
My tutorials range from beginner to more advanced. These starfish cookies are also on my YouTube channel and can be easily made by a newbie cookier!
starfish 3
Hi Marta - your first try was so mesmerizing - keep on going - I loved it! Especially with the music!
Sorry, back to the umbrella lights - where did you get them from and are they expensive?
Julia- As mentioned earlier, I am just starting to put an increased focus on YouTube. Up until a few months ago, it was quiet ...
Lets keep the questions coming!
Do you have a special place where you like to order the equipment you use for filming and photographing?
Hello! I am a little late, and finally caught up on the conversation. So much good stuff here already!
Hi Christine Thanks for being here. What a group!
Cookie Celebration - My husband gets them from his work, I am not sure on the retail pricing to be honest
Lucy, do you use a regular video camera like Mary?
Do you have a way of deciding when to cut and when to speed up? I've had comments both praising and criticising whichever I do!
Tina - equipment is from Best Buy and Henry's
Bakerloo - Thanks for joining Christine!
Thanks for the info!
Christine I use my DsLr camera, as our video camera I can't fix the focus and my older videos show the focus going back and forth between my hand and the cookie, which was annoying.
Mary, do you always tape your raw videos during the day, or are your umbrella lights sufficient for filming at nighttime?
Lucy - I usually speed up the flooding process and the scribing. Or for example, if I am piping dots (wet on wet) in a large space, I will cut half of it out. When people see the first few dots, and the last few, they usually should get the idea!
Bakerloo Station - Yes Christine, I always record during the day. I only work on cookies during the day - the evenings are for family
How long were you doing cookies before you started to make videos? Did you start making the videos "kicking and screaming" (as a necessity) or did you find an inner drive to giving it a try?
Lucy, that's what I was thinking of using - good to know.
I honestly do not know how working mothers do this? Superwomen for sure!
Cookie Celebration - I was doing cookies for at least 1 year before recording the process. I did not start making them as a necessity.
I admire your boundaries, Mary!
Cookie Celebration - It is very time consuming with a family, that's for sure!
I agree I don't know how you gals balance
Your cookies are always so beautifully photographed. Do you have a photo or video training?
Bakerloo Station - It is a recent change to my agenda.
Do you think there's a temptation to focus more on the videos (as Montreal Confections or Haniela's have) and less on orders, or do you see the videos as an added extra?
Tina - thank you. I have not had formal training on photography or videography. But have realized the importance of a great photo. Backdrops help as well and can transform the entire look of the cookies
Lucy - At this time, the focus is on orders (rather than videos). If I have time and think the viewers will be interested in what I am working on, then I take out the recorder
I think you touched on this a bit earlier, but how do you choose which cookies to video, Mary?
Bakerloo Station - I try and also record videos with the seasons (for example, I released a video of flowers in the spring)
Where do you buy/get your backdrops?
Can you repost a photo of your work area? It doesn't come up on my computer but all of the other photos did. Tx.
Bakerloo - I have purchased backdrops from How Sweet is That (Ink and Elm) but most of them are from Swanky Prints on Etsy
No I can not not maybe Mary can if she can get it from her files.
Mary, do you also teach live classes?
Here you go!
set up
What size backdrops do you recommend for your video shoots?
There it is - thank you for reposting!
Bakerloo - I have taught a few classes in the past, but have decided not to at this time. It is very time consuming and my schedule is already packed
Bakerloo - I use 2' x 2' backdrops. They work well for me
And, are there any backdrops we should stay away from - like ones that cause too much too glare, are too light, too dark, too busy, etc.?
Bakerloo - I use white usually. Or a pale blue one that I love. I have tried to use darker wood grain types, and it does not seem to reflect well on camera
This backdrop seems to be very popular. Love your work.
One of my favorite sets, inspired by a tea towel!
Tina- YES! That is the pale blue one , my favourite one
what has been your biggest learning curve re taking videos?
Liz - My biggest learning curve has been editing. Knowing when to crop and speed up...
Add some more dots to that owl set and it looks like something Diane/Cookie Celebration might make!
Bakerloo - lol.. that set is not my usual "style" - but I loved how it turned out
LOL! I was thinking we both do love our color and dots!!
You have produced quite a large amount of cookies. Where did you actually learn to cookie so precisely? Do you have any training in art?
Tina - I have not had any training in art, just what I learned in school! But by nature, I think I am creative and artsy, so I think it just comes naturally. Along with practice, my first sets were not so precise! LOL
I know you are also a great nail artist, not only a fantastic cookier! I am looking forward to see your nail art tutorial videos too!
Well your work is lovely!
Weird question, but talking about editing... Your videos are just perfect, and your technique it is just perfect, so I assume you don't make any mistakes ever in cookie decorating. But if sometimes that happens and you have them recorded, would you consider making a video, let's say once a while at the end of the year, with only the "cuts" of the mistakes, just for fun? Like what we sometimes see at the end of a movie... I know this will involve much work (and experience) but it will be very motivating for beginners and lot of fun as well!
Evelindecora - haha thanks! My nails are prepped right now for something fun! But don't think I am ready for nail art tuts yet!
Manu- That is a fantastic suggestion!! Of course I make mistakes.. I have posted most of them on IG and make fun of myself
Manu What a fun question
Not really a video question, but I am wondering how many cookies you make in an average week. I am still trying to crunch the numbers in my head and figure out how you do it all, and do it so well!
Manu! That would be awesome!
I say that as my bag burst all over a cookie almost completed last night.
And Mary works 4 days a week Christine, imagine! And twins!
Ahahah! Ok, I 'll wait for that anyhow. ❤️
Bakerloo - Up until now, I have completely over extended myself with cookies! Some weeks, I have completed 5 dozens and other 13 dozen. While maintaining my job 4 days a week and taking care of the twins. I have recently slowed down dramatically to 1 order per week until I get motivated again!
I have to go now, but will pop back later to read the rest. Thank you so much Mary!
Thank you for being with us Lucy -so thrilled to have all of you here.
If you could pick one thing you could have someone else do for you relative to making the videos, if time or money were not an issue, what would it be - outside of editing
Lucy - thanks so much!
Mary, just stopping by to say your work is perfection! Love seeing your cookie posts and I also enjoy seeing your beautiful family. Wishing you loads of success and business! ♡ -Angela
Cookie Celebration - The videos are the easy part - I wish I had someone cleaning the kitchen after I finish decorating!
Don't we all?
Oh my gosh I can't even imagine taking on that many cookies with a family! YOU ARE SUPERWOMAN!! Great job!
Amen to the kitchen elves, Mary!
Back to video... Do you place your camera directly over and perpendicular to your work surface, or do you place it an an angle?
The Painted Box - Hey Angela!! So sweet of you to stop by and I sincerely appreciate the kind words xo
Here, here! I'm all for someone cleaning up!!
The Kitchen Elves -- That would be amazing, they could put my laundry away too!
Bakerloo Station- I place my camera right in front of me and then rotate it during editing so it looks like its behind me
Do you have some help before you get started or during the taping?
But, are you filming straight down, like straight overhead (or, overhand in this case)?
Tina - I do not get any help in relation to cookies or recording. I prefer doing it all myself
That's tough to set up so precisely alone.
Bakerloo - It's hard to explain. If you look at the photo of the set up, I would be sitting to the chair at the right of the photo and the cookie right in front of me
What made you decide to go with printed text instructions for your videos, rather than voice-overs?
Bakerloo - honestly, I think that people can be nasty on social media behind their computers, and I really would like to avoid negative comments from viewers.
That's a good question. So many times the print goes so fast I can't read it. Then I have to go back over and over to catch the directions.
We need to have you do a video of you recording video lol!
I like the printed text because I am usually out and about when I click on the video to watch it and don't carry my earbuds with me. This way I can watch and learn and when I watch at home I let then background music play.
Just saying hi. Love your work MARY
Hi Michele!
Tina - true on the speed of text in some videos. I haven't found them in yours however, Mary. Perfect timing.
Tina - When I edit the videos, I set the time of the caption appropriate to how long it would take a viewer to read it.
Yes Mary's are fine!
I prefer the printed text too, but I am usually in the minority on video-related tuts.
Bakerloo - I would have to put my husband to work then!
Do you think that people are turn off by voice-over? And if so, why?
Michelle - thank you !
I like the words as well on video Stop and start. To get all the details
Michelle - I try and limit how much wording is in the video on YouTube. I put a lot of info in the description with links
Are you alone when you shoot a video? I mean is there a lot of concentration involved? I admire you even more now that I know about work twins etc.
Bakerloo - I am not sure if people are turned off by voice overs. I personally like wording on the screen
Manu - I am not always alone when I shoot a video. I find that if my kids are around, I make mistakes easily because they cause distractions! But most of the time, I am alone
You have definitely inspired me to try my hand at this. I have some research and testing to do, but if a mother of twins, who works outside the home 4 days a week, and makes 5-13 dozen cookies a week can do it....Uh, I think I can give it a try. Maybe.
I need to get going to pick up my son from school... darn early-dismissal day. Thank you so much for this chat, Mary and Tina. I shall definitely check out the remainder of the chat later! Have a great holiday weekend, everyone! xo
Thanks for joining us Christine! Have a wonderful long weekend.
Cookie Celebration - I think we can all do what we set our mind to do. But sometimes our bodies cannot keep up with our minds!
You have a wonderful site Emma Sweets have you seen an increase in your cookie orders since starting your videos? Is most of your work local or do you get orders from all over?
Bakerloo - thanks so much for being here!
Keep the questions coming less than 1/2 hour left to the chat.
Tina - I do not ship so all of my orders are local. I have had people drive 2 hours to me to pick up! And I do believe that having a larger following increases the amount of business one attains. I am not sure if the videos would bring new business though
Fair enough
Do you find the umbrella lights are challenging to work with as far as becoming too hot on the cookie/icing, or are they made to really just reflect the light and things stay cool?
Let me share this set with you all , one of my favorites.
I love to create vintage inspired sets. There is also a tutorial on how to use molds with fondant on my channel.
Cookie Celebration - I have not had this issues. I film in segments and turn them off immediately in between
Do you find that Movie Maker allows a novice to really "clean up" the look of their pictures with editing? (i.e.; lighting, color intensity, focusing on details and zooming?)
Gorgeous! I just love the femininity of your cookies! Like a spring day!
I love that Mary does everything- her character cookies, her painted cookies, all meticulous.
Cookie Celebration- I do not edit actual photos in Movie Maker, just video footage. I can adjust the lighting of the videos, but I cannot really say that it cleans up the look
Have you used movie maker from the beginning? Or is a new program for you? If Movie Maker wasn't the only program - what other programs have you used?
Tina- thank you... I try almost everything that customers ask. But there are sets that I have sworn I will never recreate again!
Care to share which ones?
Liz- I have only ever used Movie Maker. It is all I know
I am in such a small space at the moment but it sounds like you setup and take down each time you record. LOL! here I am picturing a permanent studio setup to shoot in. How long does it take to setup/break down the setup?
Cookie Celebration - The set up is a vinyl back drop, two umbrellas and the camera. Set up is minutes!
Who do you look up to as a cookie mentor?
Tina -so many have inspired me. The one that stands out is You Can Call Me Sweetie. When I started out, she was generous with knowledge and I am grateful for that
So are there any more questions?
This has been such an informative chat I need to go over and reread your setup instructions
You indicated you are self taught via YOUTUBE..any other mentors on the video side to help you or are we the luckiest people?
'd be interested to know how long set up and take down is....
Cookie Celebration - I took the Wilton Course, so that taught me the "basics" of royal icing, but I learned cookies on YouTube.
You are so generous to have done this and shared your talent, ideas, experience and knowledge with us Mary!! So grateful and I am so impressed with how you get it all done and done SOOOOOOO well!
Well you ladies helped make this a fun and informative time. So enjoyed you all being here.
Liz - Set up is under 5 minutes as it take down. It is really only the camera, 2 lights and the backdrop
Cookie Celebration- thank you very much !
I don't see any more questions so want to call it a day? I know everyone wants to get their weekend started.
Tina - I agree, and thank everyone for taking the time out of their busy day to participate!
Thank you so very much wishing you continued success Mary! Hope everyone has a great weekend
Tina, yes lets call it a day! I have to get ready for work LOL
Thanks for having me here!! Enjoy your weekend everyone
Thank you so much Emma! Have you all a nice weeken!
Good bye- the chat is ended! Thanks again everyone!
This chat has ended.
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