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Sweet Sharing with Tunde Dugantsi of Tunde's Creations

Hello, Tunde! Firstly, I want to wish you and everyone here a wonderful and creative 2016. I am happy to begin our Sweet Sharing chats this year with you. Many thanks for being here for this two-hour open chat. It will give us plenty of time to get to know you and learn some of your artistic cookie secrets. And thank you, Julia, for giving me the opportunity to monitor this chat and for your tireless contributions to the cookie world.
Before we jump into Q&A, just a few housekeeping notes for newbies to our chats: questions are answered in the order received, but they will not post to the public/viewable area of the chat until Tunde reads and answers them. We'll work through questions that were logged in advance first; then start working on questions asked live during the chat. That said, please be patient and do not re-post the same question. It may take some time to answer your question, depending on where it sits in the queue. But I will personally make sure every question gets answered before we're through! So grab your cup of coffee or tea, and let’s begin!
Welcome, Tunde! Thank you so much for participating today and for being among the first to try out our new chat area. I hope to be able to pop by later today and ask a few live questions, but if work prevents me, I just wanted to say "hi" and "happy chatting" in advance.
Julia, thank you for having me, it's a honor. Also thank you for all you do for our wonderful cookie community!
Tina, thank you for the invitation and also for your hard work organizing Sweet Sharing!
Thanks, Tina, for YOUR contributions to making these Sweet Sharing chats run so smoothly! I really appreciate your hard work!
Hi! I just passed by to say hello! I admire very much your intricate piping and beautiful design, your cookies are exquisite! A big hug, Evelin ^^
Hi EVELINDECORA, thank you for stopping by! You do a lot of intricate piping yourself. I adore your work! <3
Before we get to the “how to” questions, I would love for you to tell us: why cookies? With an MBA degree and your work experience in Budapest, you and cookies seem like an unlikely match. (Although we have many women here who are from all walks of life, all educational levels, and all sorts of jobs who are hooked on creating cookies.) Can you tell us a bit about your story?
Tina, why cookies? After coming to the USA I was not allowed to work for almost seven years, which was hard at first as I am a hard working person by nature. But luckily my son was born, then my twin girls and they kept me busy. I made a set of cookies for Christmas 2012 and loved making them. I just kept doing it and before I knew it I had requests to teach classes. And I love teaching classes. So I decided to try to make cookies my job. Those people who love their job are the luckiest on Earth, I want to be one of them Yes, I am a MBA, but I always enjoyed arts and crafts. While working in Hungary, I always hosted craftsy girls night outs at my house. Now I have a family, I would not have time for a job AND a hobby. So I am truly blessed I became a cookie artist.
Good morning! Thanks for doing this!!
Hi BARB KELLY, thanks for joining us!
Your designs are very intricate. What size piping tip do you tend to use?
Hi LODGE58, I use PME # 1.5 most of the times. For an extremely tiny detail (like the ring around the middle of the tiny daffodil on the picture) I will use PME #1. I never use smaller tips.
Hello from Greece! What tip number do you use for intricate piping and what consistency is your royal icing? I always have problems when I use a tip no 1. Thanks!
Hi EFI, I use PME #1.5 (Or Wilton #1) for piping. I use egg white royal icing and my icing is probably a little thicker than most decorators use. If you have a closer look at my designs, you can see that my dots often have little peaks. All other design elements look nicer with this thicker icing. So I either sacrifice my dots (they don't look perfect) or I mix an other icing bag with thinner icing, just for the dots. What is your problem with the #1 tip? It gets clogged? Your confectioners sugar might be different in Greece. I know some decorators in Hungary who made their own powdered sugar by grinding the sugar in a coffee grinder to make it smooth enough. Also, in the USA the confectioner's sugar contains corn starch to prevent the particles from sticking together. If yours don't, you might want to add a little corn starch to your icing.
What do I need to do to ensure that my royal icing (RI) designs and lace last forever?
LODGE58, you can not really ensure, that your RI lace last forever. You can do some things to have a better chance. In Hungary they last forever, because the humidity is pretty much constant. But when I start heating and our humidity drops from 70% to 20% my icing flakes off as well. Now, the things that seem to help. Egg white RI seems to hold up better, than meringue powder RI. If I know, that someone plans to keep my lace cookie, I don't even make the real RI. I don't beat the egg whites, just mix the sugar in. This is an icing used traditionally in Hungary. It has a heavier flow and seems to hold up better. If you keep your cookies in a sealed bag / box / shadowbox, they have a better chance to stay nice. Also, if the icing is over beaten or too thick, it gets brittle.
Posting some of Tunde's beautiful work to help give us ideas for questions. Here, I'd like to know the water to royal icing (RI) ratio (or consistency) for achieving this transparent lace look, and how do you allow it to dry?
Tina, for the transparent lace look I use a 3 second icing consistency of my egg white royal icing. I use a paintbrush to spread it on the cookie and you can just let it air dry. You can also use a dehydrator, but it's a thin layer and it dries pretty fast. By the time I cover 3-4 cookies I can start the next layer on the first one.
I am most in love with the Hungarian traditional flower designs. Do you ever share any templates of those designs or is there a place where we can find them? Is the piping consistency different for this technique?
TINA, for the Hungarian flower designs I did not share any templates so far. I teach classes with these designs and the students get templates for their projects. However I encourage them to make their own designs instead, using the guidelines I provide. I adjust the icing consistency for every single icing bag I make, as even a little food coloring can change the consistency. For this design I use two consistencies, a thinner for the colors that I mostly use for dots, and a little thicker for the red and green, which is mostly used for tear drop shapes.
Thank you, Tina and Tunde, for your sharing with us. Tunde, I so admire your beautiful Hungarian-style cookies. I too love the traditional works of the Eastern European artists. Will you please share with us your favorite colors for the Hungarian palette? Also, when doing an intricate design, do you freehand it or use a device to transfer the design? If tracing a pattern onto your cookie, what do you like to use for marking? Thank you so much for sharing with us. Teri Pringle Wood
Hi TERI PRINGLE WOOD, these Hungarian floral motifs are originally embroidered or painted and they use a very large color palette. For my cookies I use a simplified palette. I use Americolor gel and the colors of my designs are: yellow (lemon+egg), orange, red (super red), pink (I don't clean me bowl after the red and it will color the pink), blue (royal blue), purple (regal purple), dark green (leaf green + forest green), light green (leaf green + yellow). I freehand most of my designs. I do have a Copycake in case I need some cookies that look exactly the same, but fortunately I don't have to use it too much. For bare and egg washed cookies I like to sketch my design with a scribe tool on the cookie. I like to mark some dots that I use as reference instead of tracing a whole design. If I have to mark a flooded cookie I use a pencil. I think it has less harmful ingredients than the edible markers and pencil will not bleed. But I do not sell cookies to eat, I sell only keepsake cookies.
Another set - are these cookies done with a red egg wash, Tunde?
Can you share your recipe for the egg wash, including how much coloring you use?
Also, on the egg wash, when do you apply it (pre- or post-cookie baking)? And for how long and at what temperature do you let it set? I've used it before, but I've found I have to apply two or more coats to get a deep enough color. And often when I do this (and put in a very low oven to set between coats), the egg wash develops fine cracks. The cracks can be a cool effect in some applications, but not all!
TINA, the big lace hearts are colored with red egg wash. This is also a traditional decorating method in Hungary.
JULIA, the egg wash I use most is 1 egg yolk, 1 tbsp milk and food coloring (sorry, I never measure, I just squeeze the little bottle) to achieve a deep color. I use this on baked and cooled cookies and normally let it air dry (it takes about 10-15 minutes) or I use my dehydrator. I also tried drying it in 350F oven for 1 minute to make it safer and it worked just fine. I never do two layers, but I probably use more coloring in it (or by now, you know better what the difference is). Egg wash can be used many different ways. My book, Gingerbread Academy has a whole chapter on all the variations. This traditional egg wash probably uses egg yolks only because egg whites are used to make the icing and people did not like to waste anything. But you can make the same thing with egg whites or a with whole egg mixed. They all work. And for those, who are afraid to use raw eggs, the same effect can be achieved with gelatin. (1 packet of unflavored gelatin, 4 tbsp hot water and food coloring)
Some more of Tunde's art.
So glad to have this opportunity to have a discussion with you. Love your designs. First question....How do you get that beautiful red background that appears to have gradations in tone?
Hi COOKIE CELEBRATION, I often use a red egg wash: 1 egg yolk, 1 tbsp of milk and Americolor super red coloring. You can read more details in my previous answer about it. It is shiny, but has no graduations in tone. Tina recent Valentine's set had graduating red background if I remember well.
Do you use any kind of projector to get the initial design on your cookies? I've seen a lot of cookies using this and I am somewhat reluctant to try it.
COOKIE CELEBRATION, I hardly ever use a projector. I prefer to just mark some dots to guide me through my design. Most of my designs are also much simpler than they look.
Welcome Cookie Celebration.
What consistency royal icing do you like to use for the intricate detailed work you do?
COOKIE CELEBRATION, my piping consistency is a little thicker than most people would use for piping. My dots already have a little peak which helps me to make more defined lines and tear drops.
I learned on my own as well and was wondering who inspires you?
COOKIE CELEBRATION, I developed a cookie brain by now. Everything around me inspires me: a nice fabric, a cute stamp, a pottery. But my favorite source is folk art. Those motifs are clean, attractive and usually easy to replicate.
Consistency is always the thing that we struggle with. Can you give us any visual clues as to what the right consistency is?
Welcome Barb!
Thanks Tina...great forum. Feel so lucky to be a part of it all.
Thanks Cookie C. It's a joy for me .
More exquisite work. Any questions people about the design or techniques used?
Hi BARB KELLY, first of all , I believe there is no right or wrong consistency. Most consistencies are good for something. For piping, I lift up my spoon when mixing, I turn it sideways and if only the tip of the icing will bend, then it's good for piping.
If the icing does not bend, its great for drop flowers but too thick for piping.
Do you like to use tips to pipe your designs or do you use the tipless bags some cookies are now using?
If it slowly slides down it's good for dots and beads.
COOKIE CELEBRATION, I use tips with the tipless bags, and I use the tipless bag without tips for flooding
Love the gelatin read my mind on not wanting to eat air dried eggs!
Many people fear using raw eggs, so I understand!
Thanks! That's helpful info!!
Hello everyone! ❤️ Yes, I have a question: in the last pic I am admiring the color on top coating, it is absolutely gorgeous! How did you get those shades of blue, with air brush or powder colors? Thank you for answering ^^
Welcome Evelin!
Hi Tina! ❤️ And a big hug to Tunde too ^^
Hi Evelin, glad you could join us! That was my first time playing with my air brush. It has an "ice blue" base color and I aibrushed it with royal blue.
Oooooh, love those cookies. I have to try the painted background on the lace. Any tips on how to achieve this look?
Sorry Cookie Celebration, which look?
I'm from the sugar flower world and fairly new to cookies. Is the red background on some of your cookies just egg wash?
The egg lace cookies.
You may have answered this already though.
Welcome Donna.
Hi Donna A, yes it's egg wash, you can find more details about them if you scroll up to Julia's question.
Your air brushing is excellent!!! Great work! Another thing I would love to know is the recipe of your cookies, they look so soft and yummy, more like bread than cookies. Thank you
Cookie Celebration, the egg cookies have a transparent lace. I use 3 second icing to create that look.
I hope everyone is keeping warm this cold winter day!
Evelin, my cookies are the Hungarian honey-bread and they are light and soft. They stay fresh for months, but be prepared, they spread. This is my favorite recipe http://www.thegingerbreadartis...gerbread-recipe.html
Tuned, do you work with any type of royal icing transfers to add dimension to your cookies or no because they are meant to last as keepsakes? Any other media, wafer papers?
Hi, just popping by to say hello! Looks like all is going fabulously! I am going to ask one unrelated question, which you can choose to answer later . . .
Welcome Julia! So nice for you to join in! <3
Cookie Celebration. I use royal icing transfers (mostly flowers) and they do keep well, so it's not an issue. I did not try wafer papers yet.
You seem to teach all over the US. How have those classes come about? Do the venues prep for you or do you have to travel with all of your cookies to those classes? Do the venues pay for your travel?
Hi Julia, I am happy you could join us.
I'll check back later for any answers. My video team is arriving in a second to measure my kitchen countertop so they can make a higher, false one for my next video shoot!
Thanks for stopping by.
Hi Julia!!! ❤️
Hi Tunde! I am so so excited to meet you! I have signed up for your class in Austin TX this March.
Now for you to join us Flewing.
I just started teaching, so I don't have too much experience. At this point I travel with my cookies (Southwest is great with my baggage). I charge a daily class fee plus my costs.
Tunde, do you have any plans to teach in North Carolina?
Hi FLEWING, thank for joining us, I am excited to meet you in Texas!
Bracing for the storm! Have my cookies supplies ready to go, baked some ahead of time so if the power goes out I can still ice them! LOL! Cookiers cannot be held back!
What is your favorite size/shape cookie to decorate?
Donna A. I am glad to travel anywhere in the USA if I have enough students. At this point I am not actively searching venues, as I won't be able to travel for 5 months this year. But if a venue invites me and I can fit it into my schedule, I will do it.
Cookie Celebration, we have a storm too. Constantly praying to have electricity until the end of the chat
Tina, I think we could ask so many questions on teaching and the intricacies and organizational aspects...perhaps a new forum one day soon?
Barb Kelly, I don't like minis, I love cookies around 4 inch, or bigger ones 5-6 inch, because they fit in my favorite 6x6x1 stationary box and they make a great gift.
Thank you so much!!! I have another question about transparent lace: you use 3 seconds icing; do you put it on the cookie with a brush?
Evelin, yes, I use a brush to spread it on my cookie. I do have a video on my youtube channel, that I wanted to link, but my internet is painfully slow.
How do you prevent cratering in your beautiful snowflakes just shown - dehydrator?
Tina, will this chat be available for us to look back and refresh our memory, later?
I use a dehydrator and hope for the best. And if I get craters I fill them in later.
Yes barb a transcript will be available.
What do you find to be the biggest challenge when creating your gorgeous cookies!!
Thank you very much for answering, I wish you a sweet day and send you a big hug! (A big hug to Tina and Julia too!) bye ❤️
You probably won't believe me, but I like to keep things simple and don't stress over anything. Cookies have to be fun!
Bye Evelin, see you around!
Did not know about you on youtube! Have to check it out. Maybe when a forum is done we can start with all of the media links to the featured guest. It would be so useful.
Have you tried SugarVeil at all?
Bye dear Evelin!
Your YouTube videos are fabulous! I have watched them over and over again
I agree with you Barb!
No, I haven't try SugarVeil. As I said, I like to keep things simple I don't have space for more stuff either I usually have so many design plans in my head with my existing tools, that I try not to get new ones.
Thank you, I am glad you enjoy my videos!
Do you use a dehydrator a lot for your cookies and if so at what steps in the overall creative process?
You can't imagine how I enjoy watching you effortlessly pipe.
I use my dehydrator all the time. First I dry my flood icing, then the layers if needed, then I store my cookies in the dehydrator until packaging.
Yes Tina, 4x the real speed looks truly effortless, righ
Any suggestions for those of us without a dehydrator?
Your very funny!
Your cookies are beautiful! Thank you for coming to Austin!
A small fan next to your cookies will give you all the benefits of the dehydrator, except the storage. I used a fan for my big (10 inch) cookies when I had only my round dehydrator.
I agree, Tina! She is mesmerizing to watch!!
I understand trying to keep it simple...for me that is simply a white cookie and white piping. Julia and her staff have ruined me forever in this last mixed media challenge which has opened an entirely new world to cookie decorating!! Are you fast at decorating and how many cookies can you complete on a daily basis?
Flewing, we have to thank Tammy for this. You will see, what a wonderful host she is.
FLEWING, you are going to love your classes. I was a complete newbie and my Tunde creations are gorgeous!
That is such a nice compliment to a teacher Marta.
I am fast in things I did a million times... I do not take orders (only for a few special occasions), so I don't do big quantities.
Do you find that making it in the cookie business requires teaching to be profitable or do you feel selling the cookies could be profitable on its own?
Thanks Martha, but those cookies needed a talented student as well
Thank you Martha for the encouragement!
I think the way of being profitable depends mostly on the area where you live. I enjoy teaching so I am glad, that for me teaching seems to be more profitable. But I am still a stay at home mom, at this point I am not profitable enough to call cookie my job. But I am working on it.
I see so many people transition to teaching. Some just love it, for others it seems a natural progression. What enticed you to enter the teaching venue?
Not everyone is a born teacher. So it is not necessarily a natural transition.
I had hoped to come to the Austin classes, but won't be able to make it this time. I highly recommend them to anyone who can attend though.
Requests I got to teach got me started. I did not even decorate for a year when I got my first request for an out of state private class.
What a great thing to say!
Any international techniques/recommendations for those of us only exposed to the US way of doing cookies??
Most of my work is based on this traditional piping. It's a great addition for any cookie decorator.
I'd like to know who is your mentor and did you learn this growing up from your mom or did you take lessons yourself? You caught on so quickly and do such beautiful work for someone that has not been doing this all that long.
I started in 2013. lot of Google and Youtube involved in the process
Oh yes me too but there were a few people that I really admired and used as a gauge for my work. What about you?
My first inspiration was Adrienn Nagy from, then I've found Aniko Vargane Orban's work. Pretty much they got me started. Then, for a while I watched everything I could find (Amber, Julia, Mezesmanna). After about a year I stopped, because I did not want others to influence my work.
Yes dear Aniko. Did you do lesson with her or any of them?
Mezesmanna.....who hasn't been inspired by her. She is equally as amazing!
Yes Judith does exquisite work. Cookie C
First I wanted to take a class with her, but by the time I got to Hungary I pretty much learned everything she was teaching that time, so we spend one week together and wrote our book instead.
Oh that's fabulous!
I always find that those that pick up the "cookie thing" quickly typically have some sort of artistic/creative background in general. Perhaps that was the case for you? Some other area you felt you excelled at that lends itself to cookie creations?
I always loved arts and crafts, but I don't have a formal art backgound. But I tried everything from cross stitching, pottery, glass painting, latch hook, ...
If you are ever looking for a new idea for a video, one that shows the different consistencies would be great. For me, visuals are so much easier to understand.
Have you ever created your cookies using a tinted dough AND the egg wash color over it? If so, did you like the results?
I always love to hear about cookie artists other passions. Thanks for sharing.
Barb, I think even on a video it's hard to really show the consistencies. You have to feel it...
Are there any more questions for Tunde? Please don't be shy!
Every batch is different. It is probably the most important thing to learn and I still have off days with consistencies.
Yes, I'm sure you are right. Thanks!
Cooke Celebration has asked all the questions I was thinking of
Cookie Celebration, I do not tint my dough. It would require way more food coloring than I am willing to put in a cookie. I love to keep things natural as much as possible.
I know Cookie C has been great!
I think it's hard to explain consistency really do just have to "feel" it. I think the closest thing to explaining it really is the 3 second, 5 second, 19 second descriptives.
At least we have all the answers, right?
So far so good!
You have been so generous with your info. I really appreciate it.
The precision of Tunde's work amazes me. How long have you been decorating cookies? Is there some specific inspiration that helped you to achieve such a high degree of flawless work?
Yes, seconds is great until the icing comes together, then it gets harder to explain.
Seconds is hard too because everyone counts at a different pace.
I can't count- I have to feel it.
Hi Carol, I started in 2013 and I just love doing it. My work is never flawless, but I have so much detail, that no one will notice
And then I still have problems with drying because of the humidity and cold.
At least we hope they don't notice.
I am (slowly) getting that feeling thing. When it's right it's like a eureka moment
Exactly Barb!
I noticed that beautiful cookie box you did on your Facebook page. Can you walk us through the creation of it and is that hand painted lettering on the top lid?
Believe me Tina, 90% of our mistakes we hate about our cookies will remain unnoticed by others. This is my most important message during my classes! Every cookie is a sweet made with love, therefore beautiful.
I wholeheartedly agree Tunde, but there is always someone that notices.
I agree about the mistakes. People look at the whole cookie but we focus on one little area that the piping is off.
The cookie box... if you click on the link you will see the video. No, I am to lazy to hand paint background lettering. It's a stamp I picked up at Hobby Lobby.
Barb do you know how many cookies I throw away because I am just not happy!
I saw some beautiful gingerbread-type houses on your you like working in 3D and what challenges do you find in working with 3D. Do you find you have to plan a lot more with those creations in general. Overall, my designs are somewhat organic, do you work organically or well planned?
OMG Tina, never throw away cookies! I am sure someone would be thrilled to have them.
I don't sell my cookies so the people who receive them (grandkids, doctor's office etc.) are thrilled and think I'm a cookie genius
No!! Tina! That's so sad
LOL! Lazy is not an adjective I would use for you!!!
There is no such thing as a bad cookie
I'm a tough critic on my work.
I used to throw out cookies too, now I just have a cookie jar where "misfit" cookies get chopped up and thrown member will always eat those!! The cookie itself is still delicious!!
And I have the 24 hour rule...wait 24 hours before throwing a cookie into the "misfit" jar because you can look at the cookie with a new eye!!
Many have gotten tossed to the birds or snacked on.
CC, I learned that too. Sometimes we just have to step away for a better perspective.
Hello from Canada. I fell in love with your designs the first time I saw them. I plan to purchase your book but I would love to take one of your classes. Have you ever considered doing a video series? I've watched every YouTube video you have done. I would love to see you in a crafty class or independent video series.
I prefer smaller 3D projects. It's harder to work on big ones with 3 small children. I usually don't plan ahead either. That saves me a lot of frustration I guess. If you have everything planned and it turns out different you won't be happy with the gorgeous result, just because it's different.
Hello Loulous G! Welcome!
Watching your videos has been a learning experience for me. Thank you for taking the time and effort necessary to create the videos in order to show how you work. Are there some specific "rules" or guidelines to help in knowing where to put the piping to bring out the beauty of the overall design of the cookie? Or, is it mostly practice, practice, practice?
Loulousgrooming, thank you! I don't think I will do a craftsy style class. I am Hungarian and being recorder in English stresses me out. I can do classes, small groups and personal interaction is fine, put public speaking, TV and video is a nightmare for me.
I never find enough time to practice and it is paramount. There is just too much going on each and every day so that when I finally have cookie time I am so happy.
Carol, I think it comes with practice. You can start replicating designs you like (this is how everyone gets started I think), then at some point it will just come from inside.
I love the "Sampler" cookie you did!! How large was that cookie and any tips on trying this out? I'd love to try doing this, have wanted to for awhile. Any advice for starting out?
Well I just want to say you shouldn't be. I've watched the videos you've done with different presenters etc. and you seem to be so sweet and kind. You do a wonderful job of teaching. Your love of this art shines through! I would be the first to sign up. Maybe you will come to Canada to teach one day!
You want to do the same, or something similar? Again, it's matched to the boxes. I have 6x9 boxes from BRP. So the samples pieces fit in those.
Have we overlooked anything you would like to share with us?
The overall idea of the "sampler" cookie. I would think this would require more planning overall...which I don't really do
Loulou, you mean the TV interviews? That is easy, those anchors talk so much, that I don't have to do anything just smile and nod. If you find a venue in Canada who would host the classes, I would definitely go.
CC, yes, the sampler cookie needed planning for sure?
I see some consistency in the edging design so do you start with that and then fill in the remainder of the "sampler" cookie?
re: Sampler cookie: would you do the border design and then any printing inside that area first and then add the other elements?
Lol you ARE funny!
re: Sampler cookie: I just realized you put three cookies together to create this!!! I LOVE this idea. I am so inspired to try out a design of my own with the overall "Sampler" idea.
No, I started from the middle elements. That is the real content of the cookie. You can always adjust a border according to the remaining space.
So did we miss anything Tunde?
For the rest of us, this is the sampler cookie.
Wow! Amazing!!
Thank you so much for sharing Tunde!! It was so helpful in so many ways. Adore your work and will continue to follow you and be amazed!!
And don't forget to share your sampler cookie with me!
re: Sampler Cookie: Wow, starting from the middle elements is brave!! It came out beautiful. I guess I will "have to" sit and draw something out to have success with this idea!
Thank you, Tunde! I hope I can take your classes again the next time you come to Austin.
I can't believe our time is almost up. This has been great! Thank you both, so much, for doing this!!
Hi, I will be traveling to Budapest later this year(Aug.). I'm looking for classes/activities in the culinary arts(desserts). Do you know if there Is someplace there that one can take a class to learn this cookie decorating technique? THank you.
Hi SHAKENBAKE, although she is not in Budapest, I recommend Aniko Vargane Orban. She has a wide range of classes to chose from. (Different levels of baking and decorating). She is focusing on teaching techniques you can adapt to your work., You can also check Mezesmanna. Her work is amazing, but I don't have detailed information about her classes. It seems to me, that her classes are more project based, focusing on painting, or folk art cookies. But I might be wrong, you should check with her.
I am so grateful for the opportunity! It's always nice to chat with cookie-friends!
Shakenbake I had the privilege of going to Aniko Vargane Orban's cottage for 4 days of classes. She is of the highest skills in the art of gingerbread, is a gentle person and loves to teach but about 2 hours out of Budapest by bus. Judith is a superb artist who offers private or small group classes in Budapest . You can write to either directly for information. Both are very amiable and kind. So I fully agree with Tunde's suggestions.
I will share my Sampler cookie with you!!!! Maybe a project for the blizzard weekend we have in store here in NY. Thanks again, you're the best!
I can't believe how the time has passed. Is there anything else we missed?
Thank you all for joining us! Any last minute questions?
Is there any information you want to share that we forgot to ask?
Well, I just want to thank you and Julia again for this great event!
There is great reference material in this chat so thank you so much for sharing with us.
So then shall we close?
I hope everyone will have a great rest of the day! Stay warm!
Thank you lovely ladies for being here and have a great creative year!
Thank you Tunde for taking the time to share with us! Your are an inspiration!
Thank you ladies!
Me too, thank you Julia and Tina. When I don't forget about these forums I am always impressed by the chats and learn so much!! Thank you!!
That makes it worth doing.
Good night from Greece! <3
I'm so appreciative of all the time that you generously give to the cookie community. I look forward to learning even more from you, Tunde
This chat has ended.
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