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My 3-D Christmas candelabra cookie is finally here, and it’s the centerpiece of my holiday dessert table. Merry Christmas, and may your holiday table be filled with cookies too! 

P.S. Be sure to check out the hyper time-lapsed video of this project coming together, posted here. (It's kinda fun to watch a 5-hour assembly process in 3 minutes! )

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LisaF posted:

Oh my goodness.  I loved this video so much.  It is so inspiring and informative.  I particularly appreciate how you break down the steps so we can work on various parts of it before tackling the entire project.  Really wonderful.  Thank you so much.  Can't wait for the pine cone video!!!

Oh, so sweet of you to say! The pine cone video already posted here about two weeks ago; it's also on my YouTube channel, of course. Thanks for watching.

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