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3-D Retro Oven Cookie
With icing pie and peas, and turkey cookie inside!

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Laegwen posted:

You have come up with some pretty awesome stuff already - but this? Pure eye-candy *sigh* I hope you have a glass cabinet ready for it!

I usually throw them out after shoots (unless I know I will be teaching the project in an in-person class very soon), as I just don't have the room for them around the house. When it gets too cluttered, I just can't see or think clearly!

Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

Julia, this is over the top!!! What an amazing design and the detail blows me away!!! I just love begs the question of where you get your awesome ideas!! Just incredible work, as always

Oh, thanks so much! Honestly, lately I've just been getting ideas from everyday things. I am starting a renovation on my old Maine house, and so was looking at new retro-style ovens and such, and decided to cookie a version, which is how this project came about.

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