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I decided to make 3D cookie for Practice Bakes Perfect.

I love 3D Cookie Pieces, they are one of my favorites.

I have been enjoying my Colosseum Cookie  for the past several days and it has been eaten in its entirety, after all cookies are meant to be eaten. All that remains are delicious memories.

Here is a full tutorial on how to make it ->

Also a big Thanks to Julia Usher and her video on how to make Countoured Cookie Baskets. I was able to figure out how to stand the tins so they didn't move on the baking sheet.

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Janka, to hadam ani nie je pravda. To by ma ani nenpadlo, ze tu najdem slovensku dusu. Dakujem velmi pekne.Originally Posted by Dalla Via Jana:
Originally Posted by Hani/Haniela's:
Ahoj, ty si zo Slovenska? Originally Posted by Dalla Via Jana:

Beautiful, super krasne!!!


Ano, som slovenka vydata v Taliansku, mas krasne cookies a tento posledny je uplne super!!!!


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