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A Wizard's Curios
These oddities were found in a Wizard's Study! Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #11

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These oddities were found in a Wizard's Study! Carnivorous Flower, Burlap Pouch (contents unknown), Potion Bottle (for what ails ya'), Crystal Orb gripped by Gnarled Branch, Dragon Statue (possibly animated), two Ornate Jeweled Keys, small Oil Lamp (flame burns cold), Coffee-Table Book (subject Imps), Ice Crystal Pendant, Bloody Dagger Ring, Magic Scroll (designed to clear a room).


credit to Sugarbelle for the burlap technique,


chocolate NFSC, almond RI, outline-flood, airbrushed, hand-painted, pearl dust accents, repurposed Christmas cutters


Cutters Used...

Angel --> Carnivorous Flower

Wreath --> Burlap Pouch

lg Ornament --> Potion Bottle

Santa/Elf Head --> Crystal Orb gripped by Gnarled Branch

Santa Hat --> Dragon Statue

med Ornaments --> Ornate Jeweled Keys, Oil Lamp

Top Hat --> Book on Imps

Candy Cane --> Ice Crystal Pendant

sm Ornament --> Bloody Dagger Ring

lg Bow --> Magic Scroll







Images (4)
  • A Wizard's Curios: repurposed Christmas cutters
  • A Wizard's Curios: closeup
  • A Wizard's Curios: closeup
  • A Wizard's Curios: closeup
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Thank you all for the awesome comments and kudos! When the idea for this set first began to develop, I was so excited about it...the shapes just kept

coming. And I was also way nervous as to whether I could pull it off...first time airbrushing, first time making a reference stencil, first time hand painting

small details and letters. It's a shame my camera doesn't pick up the pearl dust person the keys, ring, pendant, crystal orb, and lamp flame all look like they're glowing. All said, I learned a ton and am very pleased with how they turned out!!!

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Wow!  Loved these even before I realized they were part of the Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge. Even after I knew the set was for the challenge, I didn't recognize all the cutters until I read what they were - and then of course they became obvious - but only then.  Great on the techniques too.  Never would have guessed so many were a first.  Well done!

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