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Born in Lima Peru. Have been living in Miami Florida for 50 years.

Always loved baking, more than cooking.I remember when my mother gave up teaching me to cook and asked me  ...what was I going to do when I got marry. I answer I will just bake him a cake,we will have a sweet life!Four years ago I saw at Michaels some ladies at a cake decorating class, I was blown away by their work and I said to myself I CAN DO THAT!I always baked cakes for my children but after my first class, al my cakes have been decorated and I love it. It makes me very happy. Two years ago I started cookie decorating and love it more than cakes! I thank people like you, that have the generosity to share and teach throughb the Internet. I take every opportuny to share what I learned or let others know about sites like yours. Thank you again, because of this hobby I am able to make people smile!! PS I do not have a blog. I am a member of CC

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Smile and the world will smile with you!

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Cookies I made for my son's wedding!

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The wedding cookies, 150 but not in one sitting

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