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Hi, all! We had a fun and fabulous Zoom call today, and above is the recording. Note: I started recording after a brief intro of our host Dotty (aka @SugarDotCookies) and an overview of the call's goals and Zoom features, so I apologize that this context is missing from the video.

As a reminder, the call was a continuation of our first Cookiers Helping Cookiers in the Time of COVID-19 chat conducted in April. We used the time to connect, face to face (finally!), and share our experiences as we emerge from coronavirus stay-at-home orders. While topics ranged the gamut, a good deal of time was spent on online teaching and how various cookiers are doing that now that in-person classes are virtually nonexistent.

Enjoy! Please also see the attendance list, attached; it has people's cookie names to help you maintain connections elsewhere online! It also provides a link to a document document camera (Ipevo VZ-1 HD) that we discussed in the chat. It's a great tool for projecting your work area during online (or in-person) classes.


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  • Zoom Attendance List and Ipevo Document Camera Source: Screenshot from Zoom Call, May 30, 2020
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Oh, I’m so so sorry I didn’t make it, I was so looking forward to meeting you all😩😩😩I had an issue with my computer and when I finally solved the problem... the chat had already finished😭😭😭

Glad you enjoyed a special time together. Hope to be there next time!

So sorry you missed it too - it was really SO nice to see and hear people!

@ClaireBrit posted:

Good morning watched again......will you be doing this again?  Sorry had to miss back in May....time seems to stand still but then time also goes by quickly.  Take care, great to hear about everybody. 😁


I hope so. I need to check with @SugarDotCookies to see if and when she's available (perhaps in July?) to host another one. 

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