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Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #35

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As with my previous challenge entry, my canvas was white fondant. 

This cookie is based off a sketch of mine, and I used that sketch to make a template to hand cut this piece. 

Originally I was just going to paint it directly onto the fondant, but I wanted the flowers to be layered (as real flowers would be), so I hand painted all the flowers/leaves  onto a separate piece of fondant, and then individually cut them out and layered them onto the cookie. 

Bakerloo Station posted:

A third entry?! WOW!This is a really pretty cookie. I completely agree with your decision to layer your fondant to create the dimension in the bouquet. I really love how you used your blues and pinks for the vase/jar and the different shades of green for the stems creates more great dimensionality. Yet ANOTHER great entry!

Thanks so much @Bakerloo Station

Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

Simply beautiful Ashlee @Ashlee McCabe!! I just love the roses in the mason jar. The black outlines work so well with the various pink hues of the roses. Gorgeous work, as always

Thanks so much Carol. I wasn't sure about the black outlines, because it made it look kind of "animated". But I guess that is my style. I've never been a realistic painter (or sketcher), my style has always been more "cartoony".

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