Gingerbread Fairy Cottage

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shoving an etch a sketch at you and demanding you sketch a design for me   hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa                you teeter on the love   learn to hate  line   hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa       i am soooooo proud of you       you bring me joy    tears of admiration and appreciation         i just needed to let you know this       which i'm sure you do        i look for your art         raining  glitter    sugar dust     flour      tossing yeast at you    hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Angela posted:

This is stunning .. so beautiful, I am new to cookie decorating but may I ask how you achieve such muted shades ..

Thank you!
We don't have a lot of colour available as approved food here in Japan so I mix several colours to get what I want.
For the wall I mixed yellow, pink and brown. For the roof first I made khaki-beige icing. Then I added brown to it to get brown and black to get grey. For the door I added leaf green and skyblue to beige icing.

mint!    wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee      love the house design   beautiful          staring at my piecess of house that need decorated   glued       ugh!      loveeeeeeeeeeeee that roof!     (bringing down the house!)

mint!  love your art      i have mine done   not as dazzling  mesmerizing as yours   but  i got to it   and    its done      w a few slips   but but but  its done   i haven't done one of these in over 6 years   hahahhaaaaaaaaaaaa   was ready to rip out the few strands of hair  i have left on my head  hahahaaa  well if anything   mine will be a good chuckle for all     

salyD posted:

Nice! I  enjoyed a lot. I want to know if you teach this project by step by step photos? Do you have any tutorial? would you please help me about colors that you've used?

Sorry for my late reply. I have very simple tutorial with some photos from different angles, though it is in Japanese.

As for the colours of the roof, I first made beige icing using yellow, purple and brown. Then I added brown to the beige icing to get brown icing, and added black for the grey icing. For the mint colour of the door I used leaf green and sky blue and brown.

Here in Japan there are not so many colours available as approved food,  so I have to mix several colours to get what I want.

I hope this helps!