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Bakerloo Station posted:

Wow! That was fast! Congratulations on being the first person to enter this challenge, Kim! I LOVE this box. The cut-outs are terrific, and I like how you notched out the base to fit the sides. Did you do the same thing to the top? In any event, this is a wonder first entry! 

I'm so glad you like it. No notching on the top. The bottom looks nice on it's own and I was thinking the top may be eaten and it looked more appetizing without the cutouts.

Julia M. Usher posted:

That was quick! I love the open structure of the box!

Thank you, Julia! I would have done more cutouts (and had planned to) but didn't want to effect the stability of the structure, so I just did the bottom. And I saw a flower garden in my mind immediately when I read the challange. And was so inspired I couldn't start on it fast enough. 

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