A Preview of Julia M. Usher's Ultimate Cookie Decorating Series

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This is an exclusive for Cookie Connection members - the complete Lesson 9 of my 16-video Ultimate Cookie Decorating Series! Nowhere else is this entire video available for viewing for free. For more info about my video series, please visit my site store here.

These videos are done with two cameras, one that is manned by someone for the close shots and another that sits fixed and catches me at a distance. I have one helper to handle the two cameras and to do all of the editing. With just yourself manning a single camera, it'd be pretty difficult to capture both close and far-range shots as I've done here. But it's certainly cheaper to do it yourself and just train one camera on your hands. Different ways to go about it!

Classic.Cookies by Parr posted:

The videos are an area I have neglected on this site. Boy have I been missing out! I have spent time watching quite a few videos.


Glad you found them. We've had a number of people adding videos more recently, so we now have a lot here!