Bruxa the Kitty
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #35

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Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

Oh Elke @Elke Hoelzle, what a beautifully painted cat face cookie!! I love this cookie so much. It must have taken you quite awhile to paint this kitty's face with so much detail. It looks awesome ❤️

Thanks Carol! It is actually not finished! I couldn't. It took me 5 days, and I would never achieve natures perfect colors and texture. I was doing fur by fur...So I had to say enough! My cellphone's camera couldn't capture the details. It looks good, though.

Fabulous! You did an amazing job of capturing the personality of your friend's beautiful little kitty. I think the most amazing part of this entry is those eyes! They are incredibly real and true to the original photograph. The many shades of gold that go darker closer to the perimeter of the eye are perfect, as are those reflection spots. You did a wonderful job!