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Angela posted:

These are beautiful .. I love your work ! Can I ask how you get your icing so close to the edge please, I always seem to have a gap around the edge .. I am new to cookie decorating though .. have you any plans to hold classes in the UK ?


I'm sorry for the late reply. I always outline cookies with medium consistency icing. I like to outline the very edge of cookies. I know it's easier for some people to flood cookies without outlining because you don't need to make two different consistency icing, but to me outlining first is easier.

I don't think I can be away from home until my daughters get older. I wish I could go to UK, I've never been there!

mintlemonade (cookie crumbs) posted:
Brigitte Thiele posted:

I love your cookies! Especially the birds. I collect bird cookie cutters but have not seen this one. I was wondering where you got it?  


I'm sorry I didn't notice your message earlier. The bird cutters are from Meri Meri.

They have some adorable cutters except these birds!

Thank you so much!  Going to hop on over there now! 

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