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Of course you Can - I hear clapping all the time I was also thinking how very appropriate, given your occupation!! Grin!
Originally Posted by The Anxious Baker:
Originally Posted by Kat Rutledge - Ibicci:

WOW Laura, These are Fantastic!! Such great imagination and use of the cutters.. LOVE the cow !!  Can you hear me clapping in delight? ! You should

Thank you Kat! The cow is my favourite part. And yes, I think I can hear you clap. (Or maybe that's just my personal cookie fan in my


Originally Posted by Marie - LilleKageHus:

I clap too! I knew it was going to look fantastic, but it's exceeded my expectations. So beautiful, completely creative and brilliant Laura. What a fabulous job. I could go on and on about these - every element a complete delight. LOVE them! 

Thank you Marie! You are too kind. I hear your clapping!!

Originally Posted by Beat & Bake Biscuits:

Oh my, you two have the most interesting occupations!! He rocks!! I so loved "Twister" & "Into the storm" & the idea of storm chasing! Fantastic set & as always from you - just so original!! Congrats!! Amazing job!

Haha Kristine! I'll be sure to tell him he rocks! Lol! Thank you for the sweet words.