Wedding Gown, Headpiece, and Bouquet
Another dress made with my upside down Ice cream Sundae cutter

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Thank you so much. Actually this is part of a sample set I worked on for a friend who is getting married next month and she only wants the dresses in the end.( figures and I had to improvise the cutter) Better for me because I don't get paid for my work. I owned a bridal store for 19 years so I am very partial to anything that deals with weddings. 
Originally Posted by Cookies Fantistique by Carol:

Tina, I love, love, love these! Just a beautiful set The bride will be bowled over...(I love that part of decorating cookies: watching peoples' faces when they look at their cookies for the first time. Such an amazing feeling).


You know how many wedding/baptism favors I have done in my life. And the Orthodox lampathas? I imported gowns from the USA and rented them here. It was a lot of fun as a buyer and a retailer. And a lot of work! <3
Originally Posted by Kat Rutledge - Ibicci:

You owned a bridal store? Wow.. no wonder you do such beautiful work Tina. These are really beautiful. I love the pink blushing in there!


I'm continuously amazed at how cookiers see more than one kind of cookie design in a cookie cutter, ie. a wedding gown out of an ice cream soda cookie cutter!  And what a wedding gown, it's beautiful.

Well as you say Tina, it was easier to make just the gown cookie for the bride, but the three of them compliment each other so well.

What a talent.


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