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Wedding Roses

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Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

Oh how gorgeous dear Tina @Tina at Sugar Wishes!!! Love these roses and your painting is absolutely fabulous . Love all the detail and that gorgeous deep blue color ❀️❀️❀️

I was kind of nervous using such strong colors but I think they give a nice pop! 

Oh my friend my painting skill leave a lot to be desired!  But thank you. 

Evelindecora posted:
Tina at Sugar Wishes posted:
Evelindecora posted:

How gorgeous! Very beautiful!

Thanks sweetie! 

I know you are a real expert in beautiful wedding gowns and I can see it also in this set but what I love the most are the flowers. The hand painted one is so beautifully done and the piped ones are so remarkable too ❀️

The piped roses are my favorite ever since I followed @Julia M. Usher video showing step by step how to pipe perfect roses. 

The painted rose I practiced from my class with Mezesmanna . Still a work in progress! 

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