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Cindy Gonzales

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February 28


Fort Worth Texas


United States

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40 years of baking and selling  breads, pastries and other bakery items but never decorated cookies. I wanted to make Easter cookies for grandkids so I looked on internet for ideas and how too's. First site I came across was Julia Ushers site. I thought ,"how hard could this be especially since I had many years of experience in the bakery world." Well, was I taken down a few begs...not so easy!! But I kept persevering and learning. Now, love it, in fact when I'm bombarded with breads and pastries, I decorate cookies to relax.  

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I had finished a fairly detailed cookie and realized my brain and hand finally worked together! My icing was the right consistency, lines were straight, dots with no peaks, it was a glorious day! I spent many moments before that day frustrated, disappointed at the outcome of my cookie. I wanted to throw in the towel so many times, but I didn't. Thank goodness because it all is coming together. Now people are requesting my cookies...go figure!

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