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September 15


Weirton, WV


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I decorated my first cookie in July of 2016 and haven't looked back! I watched cookie decorating videos for approx. 5 yrs. Julia M. Usher and Haniella videos were my tutors. One day I finally decided to tackle a cookie project.  Afterwards I shared with my 30 year old daughter that I was going to start cookie decorating. She said oh mom, you'll be on to something else in about 3 months.  I decided I'll show her and began a "Cookie of the day" for 1 year  Journey and decorated one new cookie every day. I posted them daily on my Facebook page and was so pleasantly surprised to get such wonderful feedback.  People actually told me that my "Cookie of the day" made them happy and they looked forward to it every day! Well as fate would have it, 7 weeks in to my "Cookie of the day" journey I fell and broke my wrist! I completely lost my "cookie mojo" and was in a cast and on the mend for 5 weeks! Well after my cast came off it was Christmas season.  My "Cookie of the day" followers began to order dozens of Christmas cookies and that's when my Cookie Decorating business Grammy Pammy Sweetery  began.

I have grown by leaps and bounds as a cookier and I never stop learning. I have soooo many techniques to learn and soooo many projects I want to tackle. But the orders have been coming with a steady flow that it's difficult to accomplish my learning goals.

I am so grateful for the wonderful Cookie Artists that I follow, admire, and try to emulate. And I am forever grateful for all of the time and dedication to sharing their knowledge and experience with us all! A special Thank you to Julia M. Usher for sharing her knowledge & talent with us all!






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When in doubt, re-bag!

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The look on my grand daughter's face when I showed her the Daniel Tiger cookies that I made for her 3rd birthday.

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