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Just about any recipe with butter can use browned butter. Just about any cookie recipe gets better with browned butter, you just have to prep it right. There are two key points. One, you will loose up to 20% of your volume of butter browning it because the water boils away. Two, melted butter is not optimal for cookie making.


  1. Brown the butter until nutty and delicious smelling (use a bigger pan than you think you need)
  2. Remove to a heat proof measuring cup (Pyrex), let cool about 15 minutes
  3. While still warm, add plain butter until the volume is correct
    • WARNING - If you add uncooked butter to browned butter while very hot, the water will sizzle out and foam up and all the precious browned butter will go all over the counter. If you are quick you can hold the foaming monster over your pan and catch it =)
  4. Refrigerate the melted browned butter until it is solid again. During Cookie season I make 1lb blocks of browned butter and store them in the freezer/fridge ahead of time. Use as butter in any recipe.

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