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My best memories are spending the months just before Christmas, helping my mother bake cookies.  I would come home from school and the house wood be warm and the smell of spice would be in every room; no child was turned away as the rule in the house was everyone is welcome and we always have enough for unexpected guest.  As the holiday drew near every table and counter was turned into a production line filled with trays covered in an assortment of cookies.  These trays were then delivered to family, friends and those shut in elders that wouldn't have even known if Christmas came and went had it not been for my mother's kindness.  I still have her mixing bowls, rolling pins, cutters and press - just wish I had her around to help but I carry her in my heart and will always cherish this memory of Christmas, cookies and the value of family.

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Ту́лу со свои́м самова́ром не е́здят!

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