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I am a recent graduate of a baking and pastries arts program.  I am very excited to have found this website as I love not only baking cookies but also decorating them!!! I was very lucky to complete my externship required for my graduation on a very high profile custom cake boutique near NYC in where I learned a lot about how to decorate cookies and cakes.  

Currently, I am working on developing my business plan.  I hope that within the next year or so, I am an owner of my own bakery.   My bakery will specialize on products that are made only with natural and when possible organic ingredients.  My blog is on the works right now, but I am hoping to have it up and running within the next month with very cool recipes and basic lessons on how to bake like  a pro! Before I started the baking and pastries program, I could only bake from a box.  I have come a very long way, and I am hoping to keep on learning as well as to teach my knowledge.  

Cookies to everyone!!! =) 




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There is always space for dessert (or a cookie)!!

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no yet... but soon! =)

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My very best chocolate chip cookie from scratch!!!! it was to die for!!!!

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probably 30 to 40 min!