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Laura K Vittori

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I’ve always loved to make my kids’ birthday cakes. As I got better at decorating, they started to make requests for themes or characters. I never say no to a challenge! Every year my cakes turned out more complex and detailed and received a lot of compliments. That gave me more confidence as a baker. Earlier this year, a friend asked me if I would make some decorated cookies for her. A new challenge, I thought. Great! So I gave it a try. I watched a few videos on youtube and went for it. The cookies turned out pretty decent. After that, other friends started requesting cookies for different events and that’s how I started. I must have watched hundreds of videos on techniques and designs. Now I pretty much only make cookies and I think I’ve become a pretty decent cookie decorator. I keep learning everyday from all of you guys that so generously share your wisdom online. I love cookie decorating. It’s super fun, creative and challenging. I make cookies for flavor first and looks second. All my cookies are pretty and also yummy. The best part is when a customer comes to pick up an order and they see their cookies for the first time. That face of awe, happiness and gratitude is everything!

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