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Lou Lou

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December 25


Winter Haven, FL


United States

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I've been baking all my life learning a lot from my Mother. She made a crazy Birthday cake for my Father long was and Emerald Chocolate cake. She used a whole bottle of green food coloring to make this cake green! A very dark green. That cake made everyone pee green!

My career has allowed me to bake cookies and cupcakes for my coworkers and get their feedback on the things they liked best. My wonderful husband has kept me in all kind of cookie cutters so I can practice on all kind of shapes.  He encourages my ideas and loves to test taste everything. I've picked up tips from you tube and books and talking with friends.  I'd like to have a small business doing something part time or special orders.   


Wise Words To Chew On

Good Friends are like don't always see them but you KNOW they are there!

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Hobbyist Decorator

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Retired Pharmacy Technician

Cookies For Sale, Yes or No?

When I'm organised, yes.

Best Cookie Memory

Christmas cookies! I make tons and share with family and friends

Most Cookies Decorated In One Sitting

12 dozen for a cookie exchange at work. That was a total of 144.

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