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December 10


London Ontario Canada



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Fascinated by the world of cookie decorating and have *a lot* to learn . My learning curve is complicated by the fact that I was diagnosed with celiac disease in December 2013, so I have no choice but to jump right into the world of gluten-free baking -- and it must be in a gluten-free environment or I will get very sick. Quite the challenge all around!


A wannabe guru cookie decorator

 i have lots of wonderful memories of cooking and baking in the kitchen with my grandmother. My favorite times were spending the day baking and then settling down with Grandma to devour our creations while watching "Little House On The Prairie", "The Waltons" or "The Bionic Woman". Loved those shows and the good ol' days!


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Web Development & Internet Marketing Professional

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No :(

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Pictures of things that make Michelle-Belle happy.
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